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Noise is everywhere John Cage

Andreas Usenbenz is self-taught. Since 2000, he is working in the field between field recording, composition and improvisation. For his work Usenbenz primarily uses sounds from his immediate surroundings. These sounds, be sampled directly from the environment serve as starting material for his compositions. Drone Music or musique concrète, Ambient are genres which are heavily connected to Andreas work.
In 2010 he graduated as audio engineer and has since worked as a freelance sound designer and composer for theater, museums, industry and art in a wide range.

He played concerts, performances, preferably under improvised setups with renowned artists from the contemporary music, jazz and electronic music scene between Germany and Austria. These include names such as Jens Döring, Christian Krischkowsky, Joo Kraus, Klaus Hollinetz or the EMU Laptop Ensemble to name a few. He has also accompanied musically contemporary dance performances for various Choreographers. He also produced several multichannel sound installations in germany and austria.
Releases on his own label KLANGGOLD, various online and CD releases on fassade, Tinah, Unfinished Monkey Records, tonAtom, Headphonica, Laridae, Grünrekorder, Sozialistischer Plattenbau and Aosmosis are reflecting his versatile work again.

In 2010 he founded Klangmanufaktur. This Imprint serves him as a creative - Factory - forging for many areas of the creative industries. From here, he composes and designes sound for local and global companies.

In 2012 he founded the Sound Effect Production Company The Soundcatcher. Under this name he sells special, unusual sounds and sound archives for sound designers and media professionals worldwide.

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