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    Minestra Mix #15 by amirdj
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Minestra mix is my mix of dance (EDM, House, pop remixes......) songs that have been or will be, whether they are hits or never will be, most of them are remixes.
Why did I call this series of mixes Minestra??? Because several different types and genres are mixed without any correct sequence, so it's a real minestrone.......
The mix is not perfect because it is made live, so without editing or 25 attempts or 30 days of training to make it perfect. In the first and only attempt, heheheheh
As a DJ you make a mistake mixin in the club, now what??? let's move on hehehehehe

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    0:30   XXXXXXXXX - X (For Fans only)
    3:30   XXXX - XXXXXX (For Fans only)
    5:30   XXXX - XXXXX (For Fans only)
    10:30   XXXXXXXX - XXXX (For Fans only)
    19:30   XXXX - XXXX (For Fans only)
    22:30   XXXXXXXXXXX - XXXXX (For Fans only)
    30:30   XXXX - XX (For Fans only)
    32:00   XXXXXXX - XXXXXXX (For Fans only)
    36:00   XXXXXXXX - XXX (For Fans only)
    46:30   XXXXX - XXXXX (For Fans only)
    50:30   XXXXXXXXXXX - XXX (For Fans only)
    54:00   XXXXXXXX - XXX (For Fans only)
    1:17:00   XXXXX - XXXXXX (For Fans only)
    1:23:30   XXXXXX - XXX (For Fans only)
    1:26:00   XXXXXX - XXX (For Fans only)
    1:28:30   XXXXXXX - XXXXXXXX (For Fans only)
    1:35:00   XXXXXXX - XXXXX (For Fans only)
    1:40:30   XXXXXXXXXXX - XXXXXXXX (For Fans only)
    1:42:30   XXXXXXXXXXX - X (For Fans only)
    1:45:30   XXXXXXX - XXXXXXXX (For Fans only)
    1:55:30   XXXXXXXXX - XXX (For Fans only)
    2:07:00   XXXXXXXXXX - X (For Fans only)
    2:10:30   XXXXXXX - XX (For Fans only)

    dj mix, Mix, House, EDM, Pop, DANCE MIX
    • Type: Mix
    • 124 bpm
    • Key: Dm
    • Izola, Slovenija
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