Aeons ago, mysterious cryptic transmissions were sent from Alpha Cutauri. A team of subversive cyantists from Leipzig were finally able to decipher a new chapter onto polyvinyl chloride.
Examiner LUI came up with rave-o-lutionary methods which have been executed at the low frequency laboratory of doctor Demegy. Finally a secret gold dust ingredient was added to the audio code and it was pressed successfully as the tenth disc on LXC's record label. Flying high at the top spot for such high resolution sound objects.
It is proudly released to the public under the name of Raumwerk EP, holding various uptempo BPM while keeping up sparseness and depth. Some pieces are served straight to the point with pure Drum'n'Bass, others are spiced up with Autonomic cheese flavour one simply can't resist.

This mix right here is the very last full stop dot towards the Raumwerk EP - so very much OUT NOW!
Lay back, enjoy and drift off! See you on the other sight of the hormwhole!

Demegy: (all buy links here!)


Alpha Cutauri:

    Drum & Bass
    • Type: Mix
    • 169 bpm
    • Key: Gm
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