The average wedding in United States can run couples over $30,000 but not every couple has to put (or has that much to put) towards their big day. So how does one go about putting money back (and keeping it) in their pockets?

In this episode we cover off all things from venues, favors to food on saving on the wedding budget. For more info see this article.

Find an all inclusive venue There are many venues out there who offer packages to couples and the more that’s included, the more that can be saved. Try to find a venue that not only includes the space, but also includes tables, chairs, linens, plateware, and more! With these items included, that is one less vendor to search out and it’s money saved that can be used towards other amenities.

Ditch the favors Many love to give out favors as a token of their appreciation for their guests, but more often than not, these favors get left behind and it’s not a pleasant feeling to see money sitting on the table. After all, a guest doesn’t show up to a wedding expecting to receive a favor so consider nixing the favors all together, they won’t be missing out!

Many desserts over just one Everyone loves to watch the couple cut the cake but it’s surprising how many guests choose not to indulge in the sweet treat whether it’s late in the night, they’re getting down on the dance floor, or simply have forgotten about it. Once that slice is plated, if it’s not eaten, it’s often tossed (aka, money in the trash.) Consider a small cutting cake for just the couple, and then an assortment of desserts such as cupcakes and cookies for the guests. These are easy to grab and go and don’t require returning to the table to enjoy (especially as the night is getting started!)

Choose the wedding invitations wisely There are so many beautiful cheap wedding invitations scattered across Pinterest and beyond, but invitations can rack up quite the bill. When it comes to affordable wedding invitations, there are things to keep in mind that will help save some money along the way!

Ditch the details This is one of the places where the cost of invitations can double before one’s eyes. When designing the invitations, exclude details such as letterpress or foiling. Although they are pretty to the eye, one can still have a beautiful invitation suite without such embellishments.

Plain paper From linen to matt, vellum and more, there are so many paper options but the nicer sounding, the more expensive. Don’t fret though. Choosing a standard paper option (like a classic cardstock) will still produce quality invitations!

Consider a pre-designed template One way to cut costs on invitations is skipping the custom card and purchasing a pre-designed template that can be ordered and printed professionally, or purchased and printed at home. With endless pre-designed templates, they can be customized with the couple’s information, but prevent a hefty custom design cost being tacked onto the final bill.

There are many ways to save when it comes to the big day. Sit down, look at the budget, and many will find that deciding what can stay and what can go is not as difficult as some may think!

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