Holger Pohl (OST POHL)

Holger Pohl from Prenzlau stands for clear Techno in Brandenburg and Berlin. He caught only late in the same music to make.

To say since 2011 around exactly! However, he is a Veteran in the Techno scene! Since 2000 listen to the Techno music.His mainstream is already of the Techno, however, also from Tech/Deep to House likes him!

Maybe just this mixture of the different music directions is his success!

The personality and passion, shines now itself are to 6 years in his music again!

His world is the digital play! Just the soulful mix of the tracks around them so to change itself sometimes just the basic beat again allows to recognise counts to his strengths!

In the middle of 2011 he founded the Underground Club called,, Garage Prenzlau'' around also other young artists a possibility to offer to support their music and to promote! Unintentionally the club could make to itself with the years to Berlin already a name and not only regional but also as for example in the Tresor Berlin he was present!

06.12.2014 - Neutsrelitz
02.10.2014 - Strom & Klang Waren
12.09.2014 - 3 Jahre Filthy Moves Deep Club M-BIA Berlin
06.09.2104 - Elektrolution Neustrelitz
02.08.2014 - Summer Love Open Air
14.06.2014 - Summer Wakeup Waren
06.06.2014 - Séparée TV @ Reeperbahn Nights / Purgatory HH
23.05.2014 - I Love Hörsturz Speicher Pasewalk
17.05.2014 - FAR Field Open Air Milmersdorf
10.05.2014 - Waren
03.05.2014 - Bei Techno gibts keinen Rythmus Open Air
30.04.2014 - PANORAMA # 5 HGW mit Dapayk & Padberg
19.04.2014 - Oster-Zappeln foxy Milmersdorf
12.04.2014 - Zinowitz Miami Bar
04.04.2014 - Kettenreaktion Re.5 Fear & Loathing Teterow
29.03.2014 - Project-Z Birthday Bash Warnitz
28.02.2014 - TechFactory 2.0 Güstow
31.01.2014 - Kettenreaktion Re.5