„Materials“ – an unusual project by Adam Schock

Under the premise to create music with commonplace materials , Adam kicks off his “Materials” series with the first EP- containing only tracks that have been produced with samples that were specifically recorded for this release. The material of choice in this instance is “METAL” in all shapes- from knives to pots to strainers to rims. Adam records everything with loads of creativity and uses different ways and little helpers like water or elastic straps to extract a wide range of sounds from the source material. The tracks are very experimental and open unusual dimensions of rhythmicity. From Easy Listening to Techno, everything is possible. Minimalistic, experimental, but there are also shades of House audible if you listen close enough.

Release 23/05/2016
Cymatic / CYM002

The “Materials” series will continue in the near future. It will be interesting to see what music Adam will create for his project from wood, plastic or stone!

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