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Alien Nesby (aka A23P) a multi-instrumentalist & enthusiast of synthesis sound design, issues out of the techno & house acid days of 90s rave as well as the experimentalist industrial scenes. Lead of Acid All Stars Recordings, as well as a part of techno, jungle, & IDM families Liquid Sky & DJungle/Structure Recording, Cave Rave Recordings, and Symbolic Insight, Alien would come to forge his own original dance experimental sounds while also helping develop new electronic instrumentation for companies including EMU, Dave Smith Instruments, Moog, and Denver based Praxis Guitars where he currently acts in the capacity of lead DSP software engineer. While keeping an eye towards continuously pushing the limits of technology in studio production, Alien would look to fuse the live improvisation styles of classical jazz with the new synthesis techs & dance stylings. As Alien states it "jazz philosophy, with electronic instruments, and punk attitude", making for a live sound all his own.

Outside of A23P, Alien is also a member of various musical acts including the "techno shamanic" group Church Of Space, which along with various international dates were the keynote address of Moogfest 2017 presenting various seminars on occult magick, quantum physics, and philosophy, and were the first group to ever conduct magickal ritual for the festival fused with musical performance.
Al, along with D. Benson, and Squids also makes up the persistent core of the ever evolving experimental electronics, jazz, rock Denver based group collective, Praxis Dynamic.
5 piece hip-hop band, Lee Harvey Cartel, where Nesby can be found acting in instrumentalist and producer capacities.
The experimental IDM and Acid Jazz trio, Metapulse, where he plays along side fellow artist Seth Ogden (aka Acidbat) and Wesley Davis (aka Biostatic).
The experimental soundscape duo, GAL23 where he pairs with Bill Galo (of both industrial acts Lost Network and Extended Output).
The experimental Trip-Hop and Acid Jazz group, Sirhc Neila.

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