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    Darxilla-MiamiNoire3 by DARXILLA
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In this episode occurs what was watermarked in the previous mixes of this serie(Miami Noire 1 & 2),
The Vampyrs have finally invaded Miami . . ^ :) ^

From 220 minutes, and before in some ways,
this mix is also a fucking Sith Holocron ! ! ;)
Party-ON within the Force my friends ! !

This mix is dedicated to the artists who make it possible(Andreas Pique, Protector101, Noir Deco, KFactor, HYPOTAXIA, The Opposer Divine, Snowbeasts, KOBOSIL, X-Fusion, FAKTOR 239, AltmakElectros, Shpongle, ColdTherapy, SPETSNAZ, Akalotz, Sleepwalk, DigitalFactor, ALEX, Alfa Matrix label, PROTECTORATE, Bödlarna, Electro Aggression Records, X-Fusion, Mercury Bat, Miami Vampyrs, Pounding Loop, EllisThomas, Zeitgeist, Opsy, MathewJonson, Falling Ethics, Yves Murasca, Sour One, Mod3rn, Moteka, Electric Rescue, Loco Und Jam, Wired brain, Simone De Biasio, Jan Hammer, New Order, Industria Secundaria) and Miami Speed Boats Motors.

This mix is made in the style of the Vampyr school of mixing,
sometimes brutal(to flash the atmosphere and cross a mind&dance gate),
sometimes invisible and sly(to be hypnotic and groovy).
This is music for head-trip(with or without more than a living-room or a bed in a night-train :) ).

Faites moi confiance ami(e)s Vampyrs vvous pouvez y aller sans problème avec vos deux crocs,
c'est du sang synthétisé en musique avec la technologie VampyrBloodSound-FleshBassSurround ! ! !
Bises sanguines !!
^ :) ^
All the music played in this mix is Bought or self-made.
Please Buy the CDs or Bandcamp .WAV
of your favorite Artists.
Donate and hear the real sound !
No support = no good music available ! !

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    0:00   Andreas Pique - Black Is the New White
    2:00   Protector 101 - Still Breathing
    21:40   Various Artists - Proform
    50:00   Kobosil - Avernian
    56:00   X-Fusion - Exspes
    1:12:00   Shpongle - The Epiphany of Mrs Kugla
    1:23:40   Spetsnaz - Free Fall
    1:46:00   Alex - Paradise (feat. RUTA) [Absolute Valentine Remix]
    1:59:40   X-Fusion - The Calm Before The Storm
    2:01:00   X-Fusion - The Chase
    2:07:20   X-Fusion - Ultima Ratio
    2:43:20   Mathew Jonson - Decompression
    2:49:20   SHDW/Obscure Shape - Die Dinge des Lebens (Dax J Version)
    2:51:00   SHDW & Obscure Shape - Die Dinge des Lebens
    2:53:40   P.E.A.R.L. - Joy Of Rapture
    2:57:40   Rosario Galati - I Don't Need You - Simone Vitullo Remix
    3:07:40   Möd3rn - Tunnel de l'A7
    3:17:40   Moteka - Words from Xyceon
    3:27:20   Loco & Jam - Argentina
    4:02:00   Protector 101 - Pearly Gates
    4:10:00   Andreas Pique - Code of Misconduct

    • 86 bpm
    • Key: Abm
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