Darxilla is Mercury Bat as a Dj.
I am now exploring Dark-Synth-EBM Music . .

I am still working on the Ep "Miami Noire" for Mercury Bat,
and while creating it i have discovered some tracks in the mood of it.

To help waiting for the Ep
I give you a little taste of the trip it is with this mix . .
Enjoy ! ! (downloadable in .WAV!)
. . See the Music in your head . .
. . ^ :) ^ . .

Special Thanks to Protector101 for many tracks from him used in this mix.

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    10:40   Protector 101 - Midnight Grooves
    26:00   U.M.M. - M.P.M.P.S.S.M
    37:20   Protector 101 - Back Alleys (Single)

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    Video Preview in progress...