Darxilla "EBMwaffe III" Part A :
-MZ412 - Begraving
-Skoyz - Distorded Dreams
-Laïbach "Iron Sky" James and Renate "Inside Gotterdammerung"
-Laïbach "Iron Sky" "Meteor Blitzkrieg Begins"
-Laïbach "Iron Sky" Klaus And Renates "Final Rendez-vous"
-The Extraverse DystantEp01(Dystant001)"Hans Bouffmyhre remix"
-The Extraverse DystantEp01(Dystant001)"Synth"
-Laïbach "WAT" "Du Bist Unser"
-Cephalgy "Moment Der Stille" (Darxilla Remix for "EBMwaffeIII)
-Imperial Black Unit "State of Pressure" - "Philosophy Of A Knife"
-Imperial Black Unit "State of Pressure" - "Now You Can Pray"
-HEXLTD002 Dolby DET Matt Mus "BloodAnd Sand" B2
-Ekobrottsmyndigheten ?– Alla Tiders Bodykalas "Steam & Heat"
Ekobrottsmyndigheten ?– Alla Tiders Bodykalas "Marines"
-PANTSERFABRIEK "Instrumentals 2019" track 15 :"Fabrieksmuziek-1120"
-Eko Brotts Myndigheten "HabenSieBier"-01HabenSieBier
Ekobrottsmyndigheten – Alla Tiders Bodykalas "Jimmy"
Ekobrottsmyndigheten – Alla Tiders Bodykalas "MänAvStål(3-Edit)"
Ekobrottsmyndigheten – Alla Tiders Bodykalas "NuBlåserViSnuten"
-Akalotz "Confront" - "Canting Monger"
-Die Krupps "Ministry of Fear (Non Guitar Version)"
-Liebknecht "V1" "Danzig"
-Liebknecht"V1" "UrsuppeRmxMBRmx"
-Liebknecht"V1" "Ice Over Erfurt"
-Liebknecht"produkt V1-2" "I am Freak"

Name of the Mix : "EBMwaffe III"
Links for More : hearthis.at/829ghtgl

This mix is made from Bought or Self made music. Support the artists you love !

I can send it to you in .WAV by Wetransfer on demand
by Personnal Message by Facebook : facebook.com/darxilla

First diffusion of this mix on the Radio Program "ELECTRONATION" (Brazil)

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    • 120 bpm
    • Key: Abm
    • Paris, France
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