DARXILLA"EBMwaffe II" complete mix in its best Version (here in .mp3-128)
3 hours and 14 minutes ov heavy & dreamy EBM Vampyr sounds . . ^v^. . :
: Setlist :
Das Brandopfer - Uhrsonne feuer adler
The Extraverse - 001 Synth
2 Mirage2000 approach and low pass
Rukkanor - Hail Rome victorious!
Elektrokraft - Vorbestimmt(Remix by T.A.N.K.)
Terminal Choice - Actual Reality
SERPENTS - State of War(Kfactor remix)
Noise Unit - Deceit
Terminal Choice - Fatherland(Trance edit)
PantserFabriek - Muren en stekeldraad
Projekt26 - blood for blood
Elektrokraft - Mindesstlohm(Pantser Fabriek remix)
Gin Devo- Out Of Control
Serpents- Your master
Chrome Corpse - Roadkill
Lescure13 - More
Lescure13 - More
Tech Nomader - Nomad
Lescure 13 - Body Heat
Pantser Fabriek - In your face
Pantser Fabriek - Kopf nach oben
Serpents - Komm noch Naher(v2015)
Thomas P.Heckmann - Himmel & Hölle(AnD Remix)
Wynardtage - Waste of Time(Nostrom remix)
Isis Signum feat Sara Noxx - Energy(supreme court mix)
Wynardtage - Last tears
Gin Devo - Mind control
Serpents - Waehle
Wynardtage - LOost your life
Void Kampf - Rise up
DSX - Strategic Defense Initiative
Lescure 13 - Eternal pain
Lescure13 - The Resurrection
TerminalChoice - Tenderness
Centhron - Zombie nazi babe
KRIMINAL MINDS - Line Discipline
KRIMINAL MINDS - Lies(Liar`s Anxiety Miy By AD)
32CRASH - Lone ranger(C-DRONE DEFECT mix)
FABRIKC - Exorcism
Alter Der Ruine - Coppin'it sweet(Noisuf-x mix)
Vision anomaly feat Stahlnebel - Anxiety neuroses
Terminal Choice - Time to die
FABRIKC - Exorcism
Terminal Choice - Intro(on Black Journey 1)
Captive Hefty -Dark_Prog_Remix
TVirus - Nemesis(Original mix)
Thomas P.Heckmann - Dunkel
Thomas P.Heckmann - Himmel & Hölle(Codex Empire Remix)
Personal sample made from a short sample taken in James Bond "Die another day" and addition of broken a glass sample sound effect
Astma - TelephoneError
Genius of Nefarious - Legion (terror remix)
And the Sky Bleed feat Diverje - All you are is a lie
Terminal Choice - Tenderness
Noisuf-x - Silence
Noisuf-x - Blow this pain out
Diverje - We still remain(Poizon party IV remake)
Bardoseneticcube - untitled 1 (on Necklace album)
Nihil Novi Sub Sole - Nihilist and God... Brothers for Life
Vox Populi! - Egin
Vox Populi! - Ectoplasme II
Personal sample made from a short sample taken in James Bond "Die another day" and addition of broken a glass sample sound effect
. . ^v^. .
The 2 first hours ov this mix were brodcasted on ELECTRONATION program (Brazil) :
. . ^v^. . All this mix is available in .WAV on demand to darxilla@gmail.com
All this mix is made from bought music or self-produced samples.
Buy the music you like and help your favorite artists ! !

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    • 92 bpm
    • Key: Bbm
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