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Gentlemen...Start Your Engines...
I have a special place in my heart for drag queens.
Besides STONEWALL...duh!
When I was a naive 22 year old, I was DJing and bartending at T.D.s in California. I met many drag queens over the years. At first, they scared the hell out of me and made me very uncomfortable. These 7 foot Cher and Madonna look-a-likes, prancing around the club with their catty and condescending attitude. Then I developed a resentment towards them. Blaming them for giving the gay community a bad name...STONEWALL...duh!("Drag Queens and Leather Queens with butt-out chaps were the reason why we gays were so down trodden") But eventually I got to know these girls. I made mixes & medleys for their performances. So we spent a lot of time together one on one. I discovered they were human beings(duh) and some had some pretty rough childhoods. And some had loving and supportive families and...you know...we all are unique but also the same. And I got one hell of an education at 22 years old. I learned how to love & respect myself. How to be proud of who I am, and not to worry about what other people think. I had been told that many times but they were examples...They lived it! They sure knew how to party and most of my drag friends from that era died. I went to a lot of funerals...And no one throws a funeral like a drag queen! Fabulous!!! Thanks to my beautiful friends. A few of you who are still alive...You know who you are!

Tune in...Rupaul's Drag Race 4/24/2017...VH-1

    DJ Shyboy vs. Rupaul - Drag Race Intro
    Alaska Thunderfuck - This Is My Hair
    Alaska Thunderfuck - Best Night Ever
    Rupaul - Stinky Dinky
    Rupaul feat. Lil Kim - Bad Girl
    Pearl feat. Gallo - Hustler
    Pearl - Bang Bang(All Night)
    Jinkx Monsoon - What About Debbie?
    Adore Delano - Give Me Tonight
    Rupaul - House Of Love(12" Vinyl Mix)
    DJ Shyboy vs. Rupaul,Green Velvet & Pase Rock - Looking Good Feeling Gorgeous
    Willam,Detox,& Vicky Vox - Blurred Bynes
    Pearl - Mission To Mars
    Rupaul feat. Kummerspeck - Rock It(To The Moon)
    Pearl - Pervert
    Rupaul feat. Matt Pop - Mighty Love
    Rupaul - I Bring The Beat
    Rupaul - Glamazon
    Rupaul - Everybody Dance
    Willam,Detox,& Vicy Vox - Chow Down(At Chik-Fil-A)
    Rupaul feat. Big Freedia - Peanut Butter

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