• hector heathcote
    bandit 2 o'sclock : a hipkido noted mixtape

    bandit 2 o'sclock : a hipkido noted mixtape by hector heathcote
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Profile description of hector heathcote:

like an old football player who discovers a gaping hole in his life where The Game once was,Hector was lost without the regular fix that only industrial quantities of vinyl and some SL1210's can provide.Where once he travelled the world entertaining tens of clubbers with his mixing skills and cheese-based humour,Hector and his alter-egos have found solace in music,mashups and mathematics.After spending his millions on drugs,women,alcohol and gambling,and wasting the rest,he is now poor but happy,contented simply to sharing great music and terrible puns.

    0:06   floorplan - never grow old re-plant
    2:45   time division? - restrospective
    7:12   adam shaikh - new day squazoid remix
    10:04   deepchord - sferic
    14:12   deepchord - voice of guyana
    16:38   moss and tarkin - pippen
    18:39   alan fitzpatrick - rumours
    21:06   rhythm and sound - never tell you
    25:20   luxury - go dub
    29:22   unknown -
    31:35   dj sneak - show me the way
    34:52   bar ft roxy - come together
    37:00   blaze & udaufl ft joi cardwell - be yourself manoo main mix
    43:21   black loops - badman thing
    46:29   intrusion - tswana dub
    51:28   djoko - be real
    54:42   james brown - there was a time edit

    • 128 bpm
    • Key: Gm
    • © Creative Commons: Attribution
    • London, UK
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