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We are delighted to welcome on our podcast a veteran of the Techno scene, who has been away for a while, but coming back with vengeance in the last few months, with banging sets, and upcoming releases on well respected labels. Formerly known as AARON 'THE PIMP', with which name he released on labels like 50HZ and KILLAZ, to name just a couple. Here is AARON TP, using for the first time his new art name! So, enjoy this dark hour of Techno, and as usual, make sure to show your love here and on our Soundcloud page with likes, comments, and shares!
Aaron started listening to electronic music around 1994, clubbing around Italy listening to deep electronic music. Coming from a family of classical musicians and having always played instruments the step into making electronic music was only natural for him. In the year 2000 he bought his first pair of SL1200 and hasn't stopped spinning vinyl since. In 2003 he moved to London with his partner Electric Delight to pursue a career in sound engineering. Graduated at SAE college in 2004 he now works for the BBC as sound designer.
From 2007, when he got a track published on Jamie Bissmire’s 50HZ Records label, things got a bit more real. He started his own record label N7 Records, run his own club night in London “I Love Jacking” and became a known face behind the rigs of London’s underground scene. He published tracks on a variety of influential labels such as 50Hz, Industrial Strength, Killaz, Error, Jackstar and had his tracks played by artists such as Marco Remus, Pet Duo, Jamie Bissmire, Lenny Dee and Torsten Kanlzer.
In 2011 he became a father of a lovely boy who demanded a break from his very intense passion for Techno, however in the past couple of years, always evolving and looking for new sounds, he got intrigued by his friend Maxx and Elia Cordaro into a slower and darker type of techno. The heavy bass and obscure landscapes of this genre of techno are the new home of this artist, now playing both digitally and with his beloved vinyl and always blending a banging and entertaining mix of sounds. 2017 is sure to see a lot more coming from this artists who is now back on the techno horse and can't wait to "bang them fucking walls”.


  1. Delta 9 - B Side Intro [Drop Bass Network]
  2. Porno Poltergeist - Ah Babe (Ant Brooks Remix) [ ]
  3. Kai Randy Michel - Sea of Nothingness (Kai Randy Michel Remake) [Android Muziq]
  4. Volodia Rizak – Cave [Groovant]
  5. Sub:solid - Subversiv (Kai Randy Michel Remix) [Hard Nation]
  6. Kai Randy Michel – Saw [Achromatiq]
  7. Clark Davis - Las Chanas ( Remix) [ ]
  8. Niereich - In The Desert Without Water [Darknet]
  9. Ovi M – Hiatus [Parabola Records]
  10. Ramon Tapia - The Joker ( Remix) [Agile Recordings]
  11. Niereich - Do You Read Me [Darknet]
  12. Spiros Kaloumenos - Hologram ( STIGMATA live // aka André Walter Remix) [ Focus Records]
  13. Torsten Kanzler - Midi Problems (Sutter Cane Remix) [ DOLMA REC]
  14. A.Paul - Bizzarre Remnants (Matt Mus Remix) [ Elektrax Recordings]
  15. Oscar Mulero (oficial) – Memoria [Pole Group]
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    0:00   Delta 9 - B Side Intro
    4:20   PORNO POLTERGEIST - Ah Babe
    9:20   Volodia Rizak - Cave
    18:00   Kai Randy Michel - Saw
    27:00   Ovi M - Hiatus
    39:20   Spiros Kaloumenos - Hologram
    49:00   Oscar Mulero - Memoria

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