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    Winter Chill Part VII - Sequenchill

    #2 Winter Chill Part VII - Sequenchill by Sequenchill
    Hmm I remember this one very well from the time when I joined Mixcloud long time ago :)Great start Salvatore!WonderfulPut me somewhere I may not be able to come back from!pretty pretty prettyA truly wonderful journey. Thanks for contributing to the series!This is about as perfect as chill gets. Wonderful set of tracks and soundscapes! Thanks so much for this blissful trip!
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It was such a great surprise when i was asked to make a mix for the Winter Chill sessions .Being on my christmas holidays in Holland ,at Utrecht for the day it was just the right inspiration to build a set in my ambiance (lazy beat included-sorry) while touring the city.What you are about to hear is the ambiance of the journey from sunrise to sunset ,going into winter and just touching the beginning of spring.
Such a great concept started by Mark and Andy which we all hope that it will be an annual music journey for all the seasons.
Enjoy the journey ,relax ,chillout out and dream.
(Important not to drive or use heavy machinery while listening)

Intro-Beail,Daimon-SF Downtown
Yusuke Tsutsumi-Eaten by the crowd
Pete Namlook-Mermaids and Angels
Jan Bang-The Drug Mule
New Composers feat. Brian Eno-Long SQ
Zero Ohms/Brannan Lane-The Dream Garden
Bing Satellites and Daniel Land-Of North Wales
Sven Weisemann-The Swan of desire

Workbench-Twilight of life
Aphex Twin-Parallel Stripes
Marcus Fischer-Mossbank
Andrew Lahiff-Unexplained Stillness
Brambles-To speak of solitude
Ishq-Shoreline Rain
Frozen Thoughts-Eternity without time
Jon Hopkins-Small Memory
Pan America-Both Ends Fixed

A series of 10 ambient soundscapes lovingly put together.

They are available to download from Mixamorphosis, Balearic Social, Matthew Foord, George Mihaly, Richard Tovey and Jon Brent.


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    5:40   Yusuke Tsutsumi - Eaten by the Crowd
    10:40   Gabriel Kent & Lars Jacobsen - Stimmen Der Wellen - Voices Of The Waves
    23:00   Jan Bang - The Drug Mule
    26:00   Brian Eno - Long SQ
    35:00   Zero Ohms / Brannan Lane - The Dream Garden
    43:20   Bing Satellites - Of North Wales
    49:40   Sven Weisemann - Xine XI - The Swan Of Desire
    52:40   Workbench - Twilight of Life
    1:05:00   Aphex Twin - #14
    1:06:00   Aphex Twin - #13
    1:11:40   Marcus Fischer - Mossbank
    1:26:00   Brambles - To Speak of Solitude
    1:29:40   Ishq - Shoreline Rain
    1:37:00   Frozen Thoughts - Eternity Without Time
    1:46:00   Jon Hopkins - Small Memory

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