In this program -

Worldwide Washing Machine - Mary Cigarettes
Love Hound - Dr. 8

Heavy Days - Katy Guillen & The Girls
Where Y'all At - Wynton Marsallis
The Gospel Of Good Times - Wynchester

When I Get Lonely - John Primer
Left Town - Veilside
Masterpiece - Anya with DJ Eclyps
How Does It Feel - Gatsby

Oh England, My England - Phil McWalter
Running For My Love - Joyce Elaine Yuille

    Timed Tracklist
    28:40   Wynton Marsalis - Where Y'All At
    34:20   Wynchester - The Gospel of Good Times
    45:20   John Primer - When I Get Lonely
    53:40   DJ E-Clyps - Masterpiece (feat. Anya V)
    1:14:40   Joyce Elaine Yuille - Running for My Love
    1:18:20   Miles Davis - So What
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