Hello Music Lovers!

I'm back with another mix and this time I decided to go down the rave/hardcore route. Around the early 90s when I was a kid pirate radio stations was popping up out of nowhere and my sister used to tune into them at any given opportunity. I wasn't in my double digits until 95 but then I was still a child and wasn't old enough to experience the clubbing scene or DJing scene. My sister collected mix tapes that I own now and been discovering more on the internet and so on.

Pirate radio stations I used to listen, well what my sister used to listen to was Fantasy FM, Hardcore FM and SCR. These were based round the Sheffield area. I learnt that Fantasy FM was based around Norfolk Park when they had the high rising flats which is now a developed housing estate. I go on that road whether it's on the super tram or driving.

Hope you enjoy!

Download link: mediafire.com/file/5anc0qs4okn...ssions.mp3/file

    • Type: Mix
    • 147 bpm
    • Key: Abm
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