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    Commander Keen - When David Bowie Passed Away
    Commander Keen - Carpet Bones
    Flat Worms - Melt the Arms
    Flat Worms - The Apparition
    Exit Group - Cruel Fog
    Exit Group - The Butcher
    Dry Cleaning - New job
    Dry Cleaning - Phone scam
    Flogging A Dead One Horse Town - No Haha. We'll Decide If It's Funny
    Flogging A Dead One Horse Town - Doorway. Driveway. Road. Tree.
    Nearly Dead - Died Four Hours Later
    Nearly Dead - Something Stronger
    Keepers - 3-4
    Keepers - Roses
    Upper Wilds - Wine Flies
    Upper Wilds - Perfect Eyesight
    The Cult Of Lip - Walking
    The Cult Of Lip - Dream
    Milked - Ecto Cooler
    Milked - Skate Rink Anthem 2
    Padkarosda - Titok
    Padkarosda - ?zött Vad
    New War - Get in the Boot
    New War - It's Real Wide
    Borzoi - Warheads
    Borzoi - Big Pink
    S.B.F. - Mortician Bee
    S.B.F. - Play To Win
    Tommy and the Commies - Suckin' in Your 20's
    Tommy and the Commies - So Happy
    Constant Mongrel - The Law
    Constant Mongrel - Puffy
    Swearin' - Grow into a Ghost
    Swearin' - Dogpile
    Garage Class - Terminal Tokyo
    Garage Class - I Got Standards
    The Molds - 123
    The Molds - MOO #1
    Gouge Away - Stray/Burnt Sugar
    Gouge Away - Slow Drown
    Cutty's Gym - Liberator Street
    Cutty's Gym - Rich Mystics
    Noughts - Feel My Eyes
    Tragedy - Leviathan
    Tragedy - Enter the Void
    Convenience - Cash Crop
    Convenience - Adult Contemporary
    Donors - Unseen
    Donors - What Luck
    Crumb - Post Punk Intro
    Crumb - Future Leash
    Gilb - No Success
    Gilb - Too Weak
    David Nance Group - Poison
    David Nance Group - 110 Blues
    Exploded View - Raven Raven
    Exploded View - Come On Honey
    Paul Jacobs - Sunday Morning II
    Paul Jacobs - Easy (Warm Weather)
    Control Test - Soy Punk, Soy Latino
    Control Test - III
    Digital Fun - What Did He Or She Do?
    Digital Fun - Park Town
    Digital Fun - Love
    Puss - Antimatter
    Puss - Static Myra Hindley
    Vanilla Poppers - I'm An Adult baby
    Vanilla Poppers - Stranger
    Amyl, The Sniffers - Some Mutts (Can't Be Muzzled)
    Amyl, The Sniffers - Cup Of Destiny
    Neo Neos - The Boneheads ...Revisited
    Neo Neos - Hitler Wuz a Natzi (version)
    Training Ground - Yesterday is the Question!
    Training Ground - Distort Your Mind
    Cells - Stupid Idiot
    Neo Neos - Farming with 'Dusa
    Dr.Rot - He's a Little Weird
    Dr.Rot - The World is my Group Home
    Vacuum - Wanna Be Yr Doll
    Vacuum - Hot Tub
    Subtle Turnhips - Infatuation
    Subtle Turnhips - Julien
    Shop Regulars - Jason's Organ/In The Morningtime
    Shop Regulars - Nighttime
    Ragtime Frank - Shake 'Em
    Ragtime Frank - Shake 'Em Again

    Garage Punk, Post Punk, Indie Rock, Punk, Noise Rock, Postcore, Hardcore Punk
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