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    Set-Top Box - Alien Game Show
    Set-Top Box - Terrorvision
    Dummy - Fu**ed Up
    Dummy - Nose Running
    Neo Neos - Denim Jacket Pricks
    Neo Neos - Hindsight is 20/20
    QQQL - Cookies 'n' Cream
    QQQL - I Want You (to Die)
    Triple Ente - Bourbon en Brujas
    Triple Ente - Antropoceno
    The Waterheads - Wa Wa Wa
    The Waterheads - Tardcore
    Mentally Ill - Padded Cell
    Mentally Ill - Gacy's Place
    Jackson Reid Briggs, the Heaters - Your World
    Jackson Reid Briggs, the Heaters - Talking About It
    Blaha - Long Way Down
    Blaha - Fresh Horse
    Young Skulls - Bomb Train Blues
    Young Skulls - We're Gone
    Polevaulter - How I Learnt To Stop Chewing The Wasp And Face The Bulldog
    Tense Men - The Threat
    Tense Men - Departure Curve
    Abstract Sense - Burning
    Abstract Sense - The Way (the World Goes)
    Cubano Vale - Elvis
    Cubano Vale - Ingeniero De Caminos
    Gay Cum Daddies - Walk Upon Tail
    Gay Cum Daddies - The Rusty Lawnmower
    Old Ghoul - Drambuie
    Old Ghoul - Blind Slime
    Rapeman - Coition Ignition Mission
    Rapeman - Hated Chinee
    Modern Convenience - So So Modern
    Modern Convenience - The Social Life
    Molar - Courage
    Molar - Weights & Values
    Softswitch - Boys
    Current Affairs - Cheap Cuts
    Current Affairs - Let Her
    Daydream - Campaign for Movement
    Daydream - Truest Reality
    Cocaine Piss - My Cake
    Cocaine Piss - Pretty Pissed
    Bite Marks - Pick
    Bite Marks - Sandals All Inclusive
    Exhalants - Admf
    Exhalants - Cowards
    Brutal Birthday - Commotion
    Murderer - Piece Of Candy
    Murderer - Juicy Fruit Dream
    Angst - Love Dissolves
    Angst - Some Things (I Can't Get Used To)
    Angst - Back In January
    Honey Radar - Notes from the Cornell Forestry Club
    Honey Radar - English Costume (Rainbird)
    The Gotobeds - No Present
    Protruders - Contorted Controller
    Protruders - Unmarked
    The Suburban Homes - City Life
    The Suburban Homes - Corporate Hijack
    Dikk Epik - Te Brak
    Dikk Epik - Voze Johnny
    Vertigo - Fleshlight
    Vertigo - Crumb
    Von K - Inte Din Tjej
    Dumb Vision - Don't Die
    Dumb Vision - Worm
    Skull Cult - Who Are You
    Skull Cult - Cyco Killer
    Suicide - Fast Money Music
    Sods - Ghost Rider (2011 Remastered Version)
    The A-10 - Cheree
    The A-10 - Stupid World
    God - My Pal
    No Blues - Kiss For Luck
    No Blues - So Far
    The Marked Men - Nothing Worthwhile
    The Marked Men - The Other Side
    Qlowski - Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
    Qlowski - Needle
    Thriller Party - Gul Dukat
    Thriller Party - Ferengi Madness
    Football - Set them on Fire
    White Savage - On the Inside Locked From the Outside
    White Savage - Electro Metro
    Wash - Hello
    Wash - Numbed
    Late - Now
    Late - Certainty

    Punk, Garage Punk, Noise Rock, Post Punk, Indie Rock, Hardcore Punk, Postcore
    • 94 bpm
    • Key: Am
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