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    Liquids - Bat Outta Hell
    Gee Tee - Exhaust Sniffa
    Gee Tee - Glam Dagger
    Smarts - Smart Man
    Smarts - Don't Slap The Hand That Feeds You
    Kid Chrome - Pall Mall 100's
    Kid Chrome - I've Had It
    Maniac - Midnight Kino
    Maniac - Neutral Libido
    [...] - Osho
    Lötfett - Durst
    Dr. Rot - I'd Like To Punch You
    Dr. Rot - Burden to Capitalism
    Dr. Rot - Labyrinth
    Flesh Narc - Total Dread
    Flesh Narc - Diatribe
    The Sediment Club - Shadow, Soon
    The Sediment Club - Cobalt Ruin
    Body Maintenance - Ends
    Life - Grown Up
    Girls In Synthesis - Tainted
    Girls In Synthesis - Splinters and Rust
    Haunted Horses - The Banker
    Uniform & The Body - The Curse of Eternal Life
    Uniform & The Body - The Boy with Death in His Eyes
    Leavings - Sell
    Leavings - Cars
    Alloys - Houses
    Alloys - Fig. C
    Big Bite - Pure of Heart
    Big Bite - Faith
    Shepparton Airplane - Tanqueray
    Shepparton Airplane - No Prize
    Protomartyr - Wheel of Fortune (feat. Kelley Deal)
    Protomartyr - You Always Win (feat. Kelley Deal)
    Lithics - Edible Door
    Lithics - Excuse Generator
    Lymes - Clones
    Lexicon - Shame
    Lexicon - Greatness
    Cold Leather - Nightmare
    Cold Leather - Intoxication
    No Love - Wild
    Bruised - (Beneath A) Heap of Glass
    Bruised - Psychic Stain
    Labor - Bus
    Labor - Bed
    Patois Counselors - Making Appointments
    Patois Counselors - Target Not A Comrade
    Slumb Party - Do You Want To Know
    Slumb Party - Happy Now
    Detoxi - Death Of A Nation
    Dark/Light - Mockery
    Dark/Light - We Conjure Ghosts
    Sex Headaches - No Release
    Sex Headaches - This American Death
    G.R.I.D. - A Fix to Fix it
    Pious Faults - Cope
    Pious Faults - Not Me
    Cutty's Gym - Cix
    Cutty's Gym - Anfänger
    Human Cell - Futile
    Human Cell - Even Out
    Psychic Flowers - Atmosphere for the Shut-Ins
    Psychic Flowers - Unintentional Imprisonment
    Grow Rich - Poo She Whack On
    Grow Rich - Elle Punk
    Vital Idles - Rising Damp
    Vital Idles - Waxes Colder
    Germ House - Relay the Messages
    Far Corners - Screwing Them Down
    Far Corners - Gold Choice
    Pig Frenzy - Second Nature
    Grimly Forming - Padded Cell
    Grimly Forming - Crooked Heat / Garbage Tan
    TV Slime - No One
    TV Slime - Minds
    Cruz Somers - Fun With Numbers
    Cruz Somers - You've Got Me On The Line
    Emission Control - Dance the Night Away (Minnesota)
    Emission Control - Sun Belt
    Ceremony - Surf Alone
    Ceremony - Fuck You Sunshine
    Leavings - Doom

    Punk, Garage Punk, Post Punk, Noise Rock, Postcore, Indie Rock
    • Type: Podcast
    • 87 bpm
    • Key: Am
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