I had the honour to play a nice warm-up set last weekend. Enjoy the LOSSLESS download!

    Marcus Sur - The 4 Headed Horse (Florian Rietze Remix)
    Robert R. Hardy - Solis
    MiraculuM - The Little Girl Who Shines Through (D.X.Xavier Remix)
    Following Light - Fomalhaut (Robert R. Hardy Remix)
    Simos Tagias - Sweet Obsession (Marcelo Paladini Remix)
    Lonya - Righteousness (Wally Lopez Remix)
    Hubert Gomez - Death Lurks (Izakaya Deployment remix)
    Ivan Masa, Anham - Desert Misses Water
    Marcus Sur - The Traveller
    Roger Martinez - Godess
    Michael A - Conclusions

    Deep House
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    Short Link (Twitter)