Guido's Lounge Cafe Broadcast #450 Eternal Seas

Just having a good time with some tracks I selected, not much high-stand mixing, just let the music do the talking!
Maybe little eclectic and unexpected, but what can we do.....The Music leads the way

Enjoy my friends, and let me know what you think :)

bpm around 152

For track lists and more info on the artists:

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    00:00 Faint Waves - Eternal Seas
    03:34 Salt Of The Sound - Dwell Among Us
    07:16 Hillton Fm - Mon Amour
    13:13 Van Morrison - Did Ye Get Healed
    16:59 Gary B - Make It Happen
    20:47 Valdi Sabev - Searching For The Sun
    27:06 Giyo - You And Who's Army
    31:56 Soulpersona - A Song In My Heart feat. Pete Simpson
    35:17 Clelia Felix - Fleurs Du Desert
    39:05 Blank & Jones - Easin' In
    42:54 Johannes Huppertz - Bossa Novum
    47:20 Clelia Felix - So Quiet
    50:04 Astral22 - Imperial Theme Instrumental Mix
    51:58 Tony Modi - Somewhere Beyond Life
    55:32 Tranquillo No.1 - Elaborated Compassion (Based On Mozarts Piano Concerto)

    Ambient, chillout, downtempo, lounge
    • Type: Mix
    • Brisbane City, Australia
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