Sports Betting 101

As with any type of educational course or training module it is necessary to first understand the basics behind what is being taught. This is no different with sports betting and those who are particularly new to this field will find this first section extremely useful. Sports Betting 101 will prove to be an excellent foundation upon which to build further knowledge as you progress into the other stages of the course. The BetBubbles – Sports Betting School has been designed in a very easy to follow structure and Sports Betting 101 is the first in a series of three educational sections as part of the entire Betting School.

The following topics all link to pages which make up the essential learning of Sports Betting 101. They cover all the necessary groundwork which is needed for sports bettor to accustom themselves with the workings of the industry. Think of this learning curve as your warm-up to the more involved and developed part of the course which is still to come.

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