Profile description of T!LT (Bloody Feet / JungleTrip):

DJ since 2001. The first time I played Techno and Breakcore. Since 2006, DnB & Jungle. Since 2013,DnB, Jungle, Drumfunk, Halfstep and Amen stuff.

In 2009 i founded Bloody Feet .
Bloody Feet is a DnB and Jungle Crew. Since 2015 Bloody Feet is also a Netlabel.

In 2010 i founded JungleTrip.
JungleTrip is an event once a year. From 2011, organized with the M12 Crew.

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    Ninjah Fareye - Jah Lives (Zombie Jah)
    Ninjah Fareye - People Kill People
    Ninjah Fareye - I Think Therefore Amen
    CC inc. - Sikikisscore
    Mr. Bad Monkey - Those Damn Rasta´s Took E Again!
    Stazma The Junglechrist - I Like Fishdicks!
    Captain Ahab - Party Baby (Graz Remix)
    DJKurara - Scary Style
    Ecchi-chan - The Happiest Song I Ever Made
    L3ft Luca5 - 6am Party Gabba (Part 1)
    Ladyscraper - Sloopy Seconds
    Duran Duran Duran - Richard Speck
    Akani - Hardkorn
    The Kracker - Stupid drugged cunt
    Vandvl - Napalm Face
    Stazma The Junglechrist - Dismembered Sexy Body
    AleX Tune - Dancore Me Baby
    KlitoriX - Gang Bang on Venus
    B.Slave - Down Under
    Stazma The Junglechrist - Last Breath Of a Dead Rasta
    The Sickless - Green Blees
    Wan Bushi - This Is The Way Out
    Meow Meow vs Jefflocks - Unicornflake
    Santisima Virgen Maria - Hardtek For Dummies (Annoyxing Ringtone Remix)
    Riffz - Shot Fi Kill
    FFF - Kill MC (Non Human Remix)

    Breakcore, Hardcore, Speedcore, Ravecore, Dancecore, MashUp, Hardtekno
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