The harder it seems to see yourself it isn't at all for me
I See-See the True True You-You in Everything
The easier 30 years begin to look like a dream in need of Being
The other side of always been isn't never was perfect
The same goes for never enough, it's just always yet to be had
That's why there's tomorrow's, and songs that make you so
Very happy tears wash away fears that used them tears before
You could hear all this ol' crooners audio in your mind body soul
Back When "I Don't Know Where To Go Or Who To Call" &
"Who Cares?" Was Our Status Quo
Our Woe Went From Woe To Woah And Blew Away All The Clouds
But Not The Rain, Cause We're Never Not Wantin' A Good Excuse To Stay In And Sun Showers Are Where The Magic Happens
Gon See If Congress Conceeds Conceives - Magicians In 40 Weeks

As Sure As You're Going Through Old Memories Missed Out Takes Away The Blue From Your Sky
Imma Adda Yadda Yadda To That Mess Before You
Become Azure Babe, Simply By Sayin' "Hi!"
Make You Laugh, Make You Gasp, Make You Mad Too?
I Mean, Probably... I Ain't Perfect, I'm Just A Guy...
But At Least I Come Without Any Bit Of Guile, No Disguise...
Just A Wile E Roadrunner From NorthWest Of Your
Truest North
And Your My Star And My Eyes, Seein' Everything Better
With You By My Side
And Even If It Takes A Cry Or Two, We'll Never Be Cryogenically Azure
Warm Enough's A Futurama Prom ahh...
Groaning From Uhh... Well Let's Just Say We've Said Almost
Too Much & Put It And Us To Bed Til Tomorrow Moaning,
Damn, I Meant To Say Morning... Thankfully Ed Sully Won't Ask Us To Change The Sheets Cause Together We'd Be Like "Mmmm, Too Bad..."

The Farther You Breathe From Me It Seems To Be CPR,
You're My "What's Up!" Doctor Doctor Givin' Me Meaning
The Truest Bluest Hues
Who's Front Page News? - Whether Weathered Not An Agenda, Magenta Sunsets And Stayed That Way Til Forever Call Sun Rises
Systemic Standard Stamina, Not Never Playin'...
Wait, Who's Around? Okay? Okay, Quick One...Standin' Up!
Think I'm lol'n, T'yeah... Umm, Nuh-uhh
ROTF'in NayNay Ked's only things on
Our Feats Make Educational Contributions To The Neighbors Home, Schoolin' Every Couple On Our Block...At Least!
Cause They Rezoned Our Home From Residence To Break-Bills
Not Just Just Cause You're Magic Gal,
Cause We Got So Stuck On First
One Weekend Turned Into Twelve,
And We Kissed Away The World And Forgot We Were Just Renting... OH, DIP! Yeah...

That's Just Too Damn Bad... Like MJ, You're A Smooth Criminal
Like Ma Bell Imma Smooth Operator, And We Got The Skilled Communication
Awe Always In Our Intel Processes Professed -
As If Delirious, "Are They Serious? Don't They Know That We Can Hear 'Em?" - As We're Makin' Them Blush
Never In A Rush... Well Except When These Kids Miss The Bus
And Then Maybe Again Say Between 215 & 330, Working From Home And Working Every Room In Our Own Ol' Familiar Biblical Ways Wink, Wink... Nudge, Nudge "Damn, Babe", You Say, "I Think We Forgot To..." "Huh?" "Uh-huh" "Whaddaya Mean, 'We??' I laugh, You Hit Me... "Owww, Hard! Guess You're Gonna Be Pickles and Ice Cream? I Buy, You Fly?" Your Glare Says,"Yeah, No Dude... And Just For That Forty Weeks Of..." "Rain? Education? Oh, Please Let It Be Rain-ducation!" "No, Dumbass! FOOTRUBS!"
That's What We Get For Fallin' In Love With Everything That Is We Ups Downs Highs Lows Crys Sighs Gasps Moans Yeahs Facing The Unknowns & Every Little Bit In Between, Every Single Minute Of Everything As Sure As You're My Magenta Sunset & Azure Waking Dream

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    Singer/Songwriter, Singer Songwriter, pop, original, World Music, Taken from the Holy Bible, rock ballad, Acoustic, Symphonic Rock, alternative, dance, And Flying Without A Net
    • Type: Original
    • 89 bpm
    • Key: Bm
    • Lockhart, Florida
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