more tightly knit than my usual, more riff-based than my usual, more click-framed than my usual, x.posure is actually an hommage to a friend who uses sixty beats per minute material for his own training routine.
and while at it, x.posure is an experiment, too, towards a sort of song-form i'm mostly uninspired from.

mind the gap, though, as there's no verse and chorus here anyway, but a story (of sorts), told by two ham operators conferring with each other onto the 80-meter band.

snow, a brother in hospital, getting to buy christmas gifts, a young kid learning the word cookie... like at the pub, or within a living room, these two ham ops talk about their daily life through a sunday (very early) morning.

and while doing it on the airwaves, they are sharing their stories with anyone tuning in and listening, as in ham radio practice you either listen or talk in pairs, or in a circle, thus exposing their lives to other listeners. or to sound freaks using pieces of airwaves conversations as the story goes into a (sort of) song.

thank you for stopping by, thank you for reading until here, thank you for listening to x.posure.

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