the idea for (yet another) hypnosis session with my usual excursion in controlled feedback territories come from a quite pleasant and not planned trip with my favourite photographer grndzro (who snapped the photo that pictures this track through the car windshield).

polesine is the part of veneto region, in northern italy, enclosing the delta of po river. with quite a low density of population, the once lush landscape is nowadays littered with abandoned warehouses and farms, and makes for quite an hypnotic visual background to the casual wanderer engaged in a sightseeing trip.

which is what the track tries to translate into the aural lexicon of mine, which is about the only one i might be able to use.

ideally, there would be a lot more options available in my signal chain this day that in any of my previous tracks. with all the humble candor i can muster, i don't seem able to turn my back to the string of nesting delays that have grown into what i feel is my own voice.

all the different sounds, all the different effects i'm rehearsing every evening, which i try to put together in creating some different texture, never make it to the minimum quantity of inspiration required to plan another t.w.zanetti track.

which is why t.w.zanetti tracks become as boring and hypnotic, and not varied at all, as the landscape in polesine. which, in my own view, is indeed a land i can only describe as wild (though not by the same meaning you may associate with yogi bear and all its neighours at yellowstone park).

again, and once more, i have no ambition to reach any other place, or status, material or otherwise, with any of the audio tracks i'm posting here on my soundcloud page: they're not songs, they have no words, they have no other purpose than try to make you company in your daily activities, as would a picture hanging on a wall in your room, or (the metaphor i often have before my eyes) a vase with a bunch of flowers.

these are my prayers, in the confinment of my basement music room and sound grotto, which is the house of worship of my own creed, sound. for sound is the place beyond the barrier of your imagination. and the land i love to get lost in my prayers.

thanks for reading me here, and thanks for listening.
yours, truly.

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