[this track contains a sizable amount of low frequencies; make yourself a favour, and choose a pair of quality headphones to listen to it if interested, or a seriously capable loudspeaker system, if you're among the lucky ones to have access to one of those.]

i spent a considerable amount of time in theatres when i was young, and in one theatre specifically, which i grew up to feel and live as home, my place, while stellar artists and magic orchestras rehearsed with just a lightbulb on.

i loved the contrast with what audience pictures to the notion of theatre, a place with shining chandeliers, vivid lights, and glittering jewels adorning ladies' necks...

to me it's always been an empty place filled with dark, populated only by dancing shadows, a shrine in which to walk with bare-naked feet, a temple where to lose myself to aural drift and wrapped in velvet.

i hardly look behind my shoulders with nostalgia, and while i have more behind me than before, i've always been of true, genuine belief that it'll be alright. but the empty theatre is one of the very few realms i truly miss.

from here comes shadows'_theatre, which i assembled with the working title of vl_vet, what wrapped around myself when i spent days and nights in theatres, and one of them in particular. this feeling dates to then and there, but the reason i play my sound and/or music in my evenings, in total loneliness, all to myself, is because it gives me peace, it gives me solace, it heals my soul and sheds my fears away, just like it was when i had but a portion of this fear, and it all disappeared when i was in those theatres, and one of them in particular.

thank you for stopping by, for reading, for listening shadows'_theatre.

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