(for electric guitar, tabletop effects, shortwave radio)

all sort of religious functions have been broadcast, are broadcast, and are being broadcast as we speak, over radio airwaves. any religion, any function, is the equivalent of a "killer app" in the broadcasting realm.

today i tuned into the frequency where a sermon from a pastor in oklahoma was being aired. i left the radio tuned right there, the texture of radio static creating a background that whispered drone to t.w.z.'s ears. surely a first, the sermon by a pastor in t.w.z' productions. from oklahoma, and not only.

another first is a whole track of fuzzy, distorted guitar. it never happened before, but the degree of sound control on the new eventide "sculpt" algorithm seems to produce some distortion that even t.w.z. might want to use. or has at least used here, which might look like a minor achievement, but it's a heck of a milestone on the road, whether it spells the name of a destination in its own right, or not again.

the third component of today's track is a parasite noise that was created by inadvertently hooking up devices without a synch-ed timecode: it produced a steady, high-pitched whirr that t.w.z. fed through the usual bank of delays up to the lower-fifth / lower-octave timelines, from which they ended up into the usual loopers' chain with halved tempo and halved pitch, ongoing and unchanging - if not for the knobs' fiddling on the fx.

last, and least now, is a short phrase played with a c-tuned baritone longscale guitar, and looped from the third tc ditto x2 ahead of the chain. again, being halved in tempo and pitch, it feels more like a bass than a guitar. and as such has been added at the very last minute, because just the wash and the whirr were leaving marks on a non-descript lower range that... no, just wasn't right.

as always, the lower range of the audio spectrum is quite active in this track, too. which is not a first in t.w.z. sonic signature. but which requires, nonetheless, that you tool yourself up with at least a passable pair of headphones, if you don't have the sheer luck of a serious set of good loudspeakers, or some passable speakers complemented by a subwoofer.

oklahoma pastor's sermon is not a tribute, nor a way of participating to sunday mass by t.w.z. it's the sermon of a pastor from oklahoma, which might for its content sound either familiar to you, or totally alien, depending on your own inclination on the matter. but as t.w.z. often stops his radio dial onto the frequency of broadcasting stations engaged in transmitting other functions of other religious cults, the content has its weight here, in the general atmosphere of the track, without entering any debate on the meaning of faith, cult, deity or whatnot.

surely the mood is less ethereal, less dreamy and fairy than other tracks here. radio carries forth a ton of noises from the transmitter and the receiver, which doesn't help to feel as relaxed and connected to gaia like if you were lying your sunday afternoon under a shady tree beside a wheat field in the countryside.

but, alas, music's not always meant to be background, and not always meant to be merry and entertaining. not even zanetti's. :-)

as always, thank you for stopping by. thank you for reading. thank you for listening. and, in case you feel so inclined, thank you for your feedback on the impression you received at your first listening experience of

oklahoma pastor's sermon (from the airwaves).

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