i returned from Dresden with the eyes full of beauty, the mystique of driving for thousands of kilometers on highways surrounded by never-ending woods, and some hours of field recordings brought home as a most vivid (sound) travelogue.

in the original conception, i was supposed to sift through the recordings, isolate all clips that had some sense of unity, crop them into single files, and create loops to spin like mills, around which music could be wrapped and winched.

but in real world, life happens beyond our rosiest hopes and best efforts. taken by the urge to share what drove me there, and knowing that i wouldn't have had the time it takes to accomplish this and soon, all bits were tossed into the zanetti's kitchen (sound) blender.

there's birds chirping, a toddler shouting at them, a refridgerated truck left idling when produce's being delivered, the majestic reverb of the kreuzkirche, served along with the usual portion of (mangled) washed chops, this time played on a c-tuned fender nashville telecaster with fishman bridge, its mag and piezo outputs treated separately (on an ethos clean and a darkglass b7k-ultra preamps).

before the usual bank of strymon delays, resonance is added via the eventide h9 resonator algorithm. the distortion you hear is in facts the glitch of bitcrushing and downsampling made via strymon mobius' destroyer machine.

next links in the chain are bbd, tape and 12-bit delays by the maker strymon, aptly named brigadier, el capistan and dig, after which two strymon timeline delays add the octave-down and fifth-down (sl)ice machines with infinite feedback, before reaching the last stop on the signal run at a strymon big sky reverbator where the non-linear machine simulates an impossible environment which is, frankly put, my favourite one.

hope the track does anything useful to you, whichever moment or activity you choose to try and put it to work. as always, your feedback is a lot more important than zanetti's own, so feel encouraged to chime in with your (most welcome) comments.

thank you for stopping by, thank you for reading, thank you for listening.

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