Reading Matters podcast info: 5th April ‘22

The magical Tannie Maria murder mysteries are back with author, Sally Andrew’s, new book, ‘The Milk Tart Murders’( Umuzi). When a second character is killed, the clue to the murder is a letter to Tannie Maria asking for her agony aunt advice - and her milk tart recipe.

Feisty young journalist, Jessie, who works alongside Maria on a Karoo newspaper, insists they track the killer, landing them both in serious danger. If you’re a fan you’ll love this fourth book and if not, then it’s high time you became one, for Andrew’s books sell in 14 languages across five continents. A TV series on them is currently being screened. I’m nuts about the tannie.

Former newspaper editor and now excellent historical author, Richard Steyn, has a new book out, this time on ‘Milner: Last of the Empire Builders’(Jonathan Ball).

Steyn has chosen a tricky topic to tackle in Sir Alfred Milner, for as the author writes, ‘ it is hardly possible for any homegrown SA to write a dispassionate account,’ of Milner.

That he has achieved a balance is hugely to Steyn’s credit in this fascinating, really readable book.

Ready for a ghost or two? Try ‘Hare House’(Mantle) by Sally Hinchcliffe, set in Scotland in a gothic, yet current era. British newspapers are raving about ‘ modern shape-shifting witches’ in the eerie Scottish mists and snow. Subtle, and infused with psychological insights. I read it in a day.

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