DJ mix from afterparty for Insight, conference on psychedelics, Berlin, Germany

couple few layers, 58 tracks in 2 hours...

Blind Auditions // Liuos
The Longest Way Home // FernLodge
On the Way to the Summit // Rannosuke Kazamatsuri
Simplexity // Bescolour
The North Green Door, Part 2 // Dakota Suite, Emanuele Errante
No Greater Pain // Dakota Suite, Emanuele Errante
Fragments in Time // Zodiac
Words Are Closed Up // Tolouse Low Trax
Morning Dew // Andreas Florin
Duality of Mind // Antigone
The Wipe // Teste, Dino Sabatini
Ghost Net // Zodiac
Someone Like You, Part 2 // Unicod
Up Forest Green // Liuos
Beneath // Edit Select, Mark Broom
Serengeti // Zodiac
Onde // Oisel
Latence // Unicod
Typhon // Ventress, Svreca
As Light Fades // Tunnel
Pulses from Beyond // Mike Parker, Cirkle
The Shadows Die Twice // BR1002
Work It // Marie Davidson
5 Laden Dead End // Saba Alizadeh
Kapa // ZOL
The Look // Ant Orange
Sodium Vapor // Liuos
Fit // GMan, Rob Strobe
Hatchet Chimera // Positive Centre
Out Cold // Zodiac
Emerald Birds Ov Paradise
Grintstone // Rommek, James Ruskin
Mauthausen // Dr. Cyanide
Der Prophet // Rolf Trostel Edward
Nephi // BlacKolor
The Use of One’s Power // Tunnel
After Eight // Fetish
Space Breaks // Zodiac
Vanda // Ulysse, Rose, Edit Select
Trouble Maker // Lars Huismann
Sokar // Subset, Schulz Audio
Social Deconstruction // Modular Phaze
We Are the Asteroid // Extrawelt
Mentalist // Ness
Radio Killer // Edit Select
Until // Setaoc Mass
Treat Her // Right Drift
Lovely // Mariel Ito
Barka // Tolouse Low Trax
Dial // Truncate, Heiko Laux
Powersaw // Andreas Florin
Sweet Berry Wine // Brendon Moeller
Brother John // Zodiac
The Road to Soniel // Ekstendia
Untitled // Pouya Pour Amin
Vai Vai // Tolouse Low Trax
Streetwise // Extrawelt
Recollect // Arash Akbari

    Chillout, Experimental, Psychedelic Chillout
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • 107 bpm
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