Hello and welcome
electronic music enthusiasts!

Our names are Geoff Ghacil and Jan Thiel -
OneHead and SomebodyElse.
We are from Germany , Nordrhein-Westfalen
(M√ľnster and Herne).
High audio performance creater, producer and dj duo from all of techno sound systems.

About OneHead >> At the age of 17, OneHead gained the first live experiences in the club (Dortmund, Le Grand, VRSTCK, Absolute Club, X-Club) and began to develop his techno sound there.
The clubs "Le Grand & the VRSTCK" have brought a very long and successful musical history that cannot be found everywhere. It was called the place at that time "Port of great artists". Especially the VRSTCK captivated many top DJs such as WestBam, Marusha, Magda, Ante Perry, but also names such as Maxim Lany were not seldom found there.
From there he gained other important experiences, which brought him to the Ruhr in love with the clubs from Dortmund 2008 and further gigs in NRW became the regular of bookings.
OneHead accepted everything he could and was allowed to take with him. He is thankful to this day for every gig played and thanks for the confidence. He was so young. Every single one over years brought him euphorically and emotionally to the limits =)
It's crazy what you share with the techno-inspiring people. Whether you know them personally or not. Here's his term for "We are one " and "Techno family ".

We like the beat that moves us, the flow that makes me smile. One or the other nice-hopping and we call this part "groovy techno". We usually leave out strong effects and let the sound go. Here are our ideas and the sounds that remain unique and only happen once.

We don't just want to share the success with you. We want to enjoy what we experience and discover anew with you.
After all, the appearances awaken our ideas.
The result is the deepening and endlessness of electronic music.
That linked us. For OneHead came fresh wind from SomebodyElse.
He fascinates OneHead with his productions. danceable music with its built-in characteristic features of music. And that as an absolute and outstanding newcomer in the scene as techno DJ. The door is open to him. I'm sure who gives him the chance -
he won't be disappointed. Promise is promised!

We are one - enjoy, dear listener!

    Techno, Sektor Episode
    • 130 bpm
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