I wrote this track 'Disco Forever' a few years back but due to a pc crash I lost the music but luckily I'd already added the vocal and mastered it.
This track reached No.4 in the Traxsource charts earlier this year but had to be taken off sale due to issues with the sample clearance :(
I approached Warner/Chapelle whoI was told owned the publishing but after several emails and phone calls nobody knew anything so In my naivety I went ahead and released it and to my surprise it entered the Nu-Disco chart on the Friday and reached No 2 by the following day and also got to no 36 in the main Traxsource chart! I'm chuffed it did so well but unfortunately withni touching distance of the top spot on TS I was forced to take the track down as It became apparent that Z Records, Joey Negros label owned the publishing to the vocal I had used.
I learned a valuable lesson however and I'm obviously very sorry to Joey as I had no idea especially as the artist who's vocal I used sent me to the wrong people so I did try but obviously not hard enough!
I even offered to give the track for free to Z Records and offered to give them any royalties but they were not interested.
It taught me a thing or two though and I'm happy to say my little label 'Edit Records' is doing really well for a small independent and lots of exciting new release coming up over the following months including tracks from the legend Chanelle, some great local talent from Blackpool my home town and a few new songs from Linda Muriel (Brand New Heavies/Incognito).
So this track is available as a free download for a limited time only! (Until I'm forced to take it down probably)
If you do download it though please take a minuit to check out my label page & my own artist page and click like if you like :) Links below x


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