RSTCDJ Only Streaming H24

    RSTCDJ Only Streaming H24 by RSTCDJ ONLY STREAMING H24
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    5:35   Pakard - Gramos de Fe
    9:35   VILLA - Silhouetten Der Nacht
    17:35   NSXSC - I Feel Like Everyone Hates Me
    27:36   Sicion - Division Orb
    43:34   Mr.Machine - About You
    55:34   Audiorush & Inlaw Project - Little Bird (Audiorush vs. Inlaw Project)
    59:35   Konvulsion - Parti
    1:09:34   Blaame & Dur Label - Can't Run
    1:31:35   Discötiek & DKN - Champion Sound
    1:35:36   Frizz - 9TS Baby
    1:49:35   KAI - Robotical Prophecy (ANALECT remix)
    1:51:34   Rauhnächte - Liquid Feelings
    2:09:35   SMLY - Tell Me How It Feels
    2:29:37   Toni Alvarez - We Are the People (edit)
    2:55:45   Raveraiders - Get Dirty
    2:57:34   ARTLUS - The Narcissist
    3:01:36   Steve Murphy - Eyes Behind the Door
    3:13:36   Hurdslenk - Futures
    3:33:39   51CK - Conjuro (Original Mix)
    3:39:36   Bruce - Bruce - Undefined
    3:41:34   UFO95 - Moscou
    3:43:34   Byorn - Ekstasis
    3:45:35   Toni Alvarez - We Are the People (edit)
    3:51:34   Piercing Lazer - Set You Free (Abridged Version)
    4:03:36   Neither Nor - Anamorphic
    4:09:33   Schroomp - Electrify
    4:11:35   ZEKIEL - Space

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    Genres: Techno, Dark Techno, Hard Techno

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    TC Dj
    has been breaking sound systems all over the world for several decades, starting in its native Italy, and finally landing in Basel, Zurich, London, Naples, Italy, where it currently resides.

    Starting his techno campaign in the early 90s in Italy, he quickly delved into the productive side of things, and eventually managed to manage.

    A quick technical study, he quickly found himself handling buttons for renowned labels such as flying saucers, self records, Tcr records, neapolis records and robotics records, providing mastering, production and remixing for various labels, meanwhile building his repertoire.

    Axe club, naxsos, street parade, love parade, house club,energy, the club, tabo club, effel she zen,
    will return in most clubs in the Italian area of southern Italy the Cyclops, Metropolis, italian discotheques. where they have performed internationally renowned artists such as Todd terry.little Louie Vega, Roger Sanchez, Francois Kevorkian, dennis fererr, Tony Humphries, Sven Vath, Marco Carola, lello Roman, Erick Morillo, DJ Simi, Carl Cox etc..

    He has played with several djs and producers including Mark Broom, DJ Lukas, dj Du'art, dj Sasha Carassi, dj Felix Kröcher, dj Horacio Cruz, dj Danilo Vigorito, dj Murphy, dj Fernanda Martins, dj Paula Cazenave, dj Professor dj Fatima Hajji.

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