The Devil, Not The Lord, Was The Accuser
Words and Music by Leslie (aka Jesse) Hughes ©

There is a mighty God, there is a mighty Lord
Who will meet us on the battlefield with a mighty and powerful sword
Proving it was the devil who was the accuser
And a liar masquerading in our good Lord’s name
So seal all your peoples from this accusing identity thief who tries to shame
It’s the favorable day of our Lord, and it’s our loving Lord’s name we will reclaim

The Spirit is the Lord not a man-made foreign gog imaged name
That is a detestable idol sacrificed to demons which are not God Almighty’s name
Who claims to be a servant of righteousness yet bind souls
In white garments made with flames
Their ends will be what their actions deserve
When we reclaim our loving Lord’s name

The Spirit of Truth is not a Pharisee in a flowing robe
Who is sitting in the marketplace exchanging your soul for gold
Who is holding onto the traditions of elders, who are but men
Who lets go of the commands of God for some iota of law bargain

Simply love your neighbor as yourself sums up the entire law
And it will be written in our hearts and minds
From the least to the greatest of us all
No longer will a man teach his neighbor,
Or a man his brother, saying ‘Know the Lord’
For they will all know the Lord is the Spirit
When we reclaim our loving Lord’s name

The devil is a scoffer, a grumbler, a faultfinder who ties and binds and bounds you
Who divides your waters, tears your clothes, and accuses you before our God day and night
He will be hurled down to earth, and his angels with him, to be bound with everlasting chains
When the salvation, and the power and the kingdom of our God and Christ have come
And we reclaim our loving Lord’s name

The Spirit of Truth will not tie up a strong man’s house with dos and don’ts
With rule upon rule, a little here a little there
When the Spirit’s justice is the measuring line and the Spirit’s righteousness the plumb line
Hail will sweep away the devil’s refuge and lies,
And water will overflow that accuser’s hiding place

(This song was inspired by these and many other Gospel passages: Zec Chpt 3, 2Co 11:13-15, Rev 12:10-12, Dt 32:15-17,
Isa 14:1-23, Ex 6:2-4, 2Th:2:4, Isa Chpt 11, Jn Chpt 16, 1Jn 4:1-6, Jn 8:1-11, Jn 8:31-58, Jn 10:34-35, Mt Chpt 23,
Lk 20:41-47, Mk 7:1-23, Ro 10:6-9. 1Jn 2:22, Jude 1:16-19, Isa 28:9-29, Heb 8:7-13, Gal 5:14, Ro 13:9-10, Lk 4:19,
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    Rock, Rock, Gospel, Folk, Acoustic, Spiritual, Indie, Singer Songwriter
    • Type: Original
    • 94 bpm
    • Key: G
    • © All rights reserved
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