(Lyrics) Observers and Obeying the Law
Words and Music by Leslie (aka Jesse) Hughes ©

Paul’s been struck down, John’s been beheaded
James has been slain and Peter seized
Joseph’s property has been stolen by the devil
Who had Simeon bound and Benjamin deceived
Now they all ride in chariots in front of the Pharaoh who is Lucifer
Who uses them as masks to cover up his greed
For in the poor’s name he uses supposed Joseph justice
To frame the innocent Philips for his dishonest gain
He scatters our sheep, he ransoms our Lambs
He reduces our people to servitude throughout this land
He is a descendent of the father of lies not Abraham
He robs the churches, masquerading as an angel of light
And he is a deceitful workman and not an apostle of Christ
So it is not surprising that his devil angels
Masquerade as servants of righteousness and apostles of Christ
Which they are not
And their end is going to be what their actions deserve
They will be paid back for the harm they have done to the innocent Philips
Who found themselves of the dark road of no Holy Scriptures since infancy
For they are the godless men who change the grace of our God
Into a license for their immorality
By denying Jesus is the Christ and our Sovereign Lord
They are the men whose condemnation was written about long ago
For they reject the truth and do not believe
The Lord Jesus delivered his people out of Egypt and let them go
They have taken the way of Cain for their dishonest bribes and gains
They fast to kill Paul, and hold him as a prisoner in chains
They worship detestable foreign gog images that they claim is Christ
Then they sacrifice their false Christ images to demons
Which are not God Almighty

Paul the Lamb has been struck down by a whitewashed wall
Who is a devout observer of the law, yet never followed it at all
Who never obeyed the law, just observed the law (to trap innocent lambs saved by grace)
For it is not those who merely observe and hear the law
Who are going to be righteous in God’s sight
It is those who obey the law who are going to be righteous in the light
For the Counselor is the Holy Spirit, and that is my King
And I, Jesse, am a servant to the Spirit of Truth who is the Sovereign Lord
And demon devils lie to the Holy Spirit, and test the Spirit of the Lord
They circumcise, slay and strike down the Lamb Paul to make him Saul
They violate the law and are merely whitewashed walls
Devout observers of the law, who never obey it at all
Paul says love your neighbor as yourself sums up the law
And whitewashed walls never follow it at all
And James says the perfect law gives us our freedom
Yet devils masked as Herod have James slain
Sacrificing him to detestable idol image Sabbath 8th king demon lords
They are perjurers and identity thieves of God Almighty’s name
They behead John, seize Peter and steal Joseph’s property
They bind Simeon, and keep Benjamin in slavery
They change all their names to Jannes and Jambres
They oppose Moses and reject and suppress the truth
They lie to the Holy Spirit with their hearts filled with Satan
And for dishonest gain they keep the money received for Joseph’s land
Falsely wearing the mask of Joseph while riding chariots
In front of the Pharaoh, who is Satan, Lucifer and the devil
They test the Spirit of the Lord, and lie not only to men
But to the authentic God Almighty and the Spirit who is the Lord
They call down fire from heaven in the name of Aaron’s golden calf
They worship evil spirits and demonic frogs
Dragons, beast images, and false prophets
All in the name of a Noah temple gog they falsely made
Well Noah cursed your devil Canaan lord
And it is the authentic God Almighty
Who is the heir of the righteousness that comes by faith
They claim to be descendants Abraham
Yet they are really descendants of the father of lies
It is God Almighty who is the heir of the world
And it is God Almighty who is before Abraham
And it is Jesus who is the Lord, and it is Jesus who is the Christ
Not some Canaan 8th Sabbath day devil lord
They suppress the truth from the people
That it is grace and faith that sets them free
And that the water of life is given for free, and grace is a free gift
And now that faith has come we are no longer under the supervision
Of their regulations and laws that are merely rules taught by men
The entire perfect law is summed up in a single command
To simply love your neighbor as yourself
And devils are devout observers of the law yet they violate it all
By circumcising, slaying and striking down the Lamb Paul to make him Saul
And they are sinning adulterers have violated the law by beheading John
Herodias is our Brother Philip’s wife
Devout observers of the law who do not obey it at all
They just study it to entrap the innocent Lambs
And they have slain the Lamb of James
Who declares the perfect law brings our freedom
So they can falsely wear the masks of James and Joseph
To accuse the people of God day and night
With their do and do, rule on rule, a little here a little there
Letting go of the commands of God
To hold on to the traditions of men
Therefore in honor of James
We are going to combine our faith with a deed
And that deed is going to be the wrath of God
We are no longer going to put it aside
Allowing them to circumcise, slay and strike the innocent Lambs
For the Gentiles are loved and God’s people
And the Lambs are going to be victorious
Because the Lamb is the Lord of the lords, and the King of the kings
And with the Lamb are going to be the called, chosen and faithful followers
And the armies of heaven, riding on whites horses
Are going to ride into New Jerusalem
Proclaiming the New Covenant, New Age and New Order
Because we are the Gods of Salvation, we are the Gods of Faith
We are the Gods of Truth, we are the Gods of Grace
So in the honor of James
And the Holy Spirit, who devils both tested and lied to
We are going to combine our faith we a deed
And that deed is going to be the wrath of God
Therefore the Lord rebuke you Satan!
The Lord rebuke you devils, and all devil angels!
And the Lord rebuke you Lucifer!

Gospel References Observers and Obeying Law
(Please note also a Jew and Israelite in a metaphoric interpretation of the Gospel is not a person of Jewish heritage, it is a metaphor for a part of all of us that is a Jew within and another part of us that is a Gentile within (see Romans 2:28-29 and how these two parts become one in Ephesians 2:14-22, Ezkiel 37:15-17 and Romans 3:27-31). Your friend and brother Leslie aka Jesse Hughes)

• Acts 23:1-3 Paul struck down
• Acts 12: 1-3 James slain and Peter seized
• Ge 42:24 Simeon bound
• Ge 42:36, Ge 44:2, Ge 47:21, Ge 46:4, Ex 6:2-4, Jacob and Benjamin deceived
• Mt 14:1-12, Mk 6:14-29, Lk 3:19-20 John beheaded
• Ge 41:41-43 Joseph rides a chariot in front of Pharaoh
• Acts 4:36-5:1-11 Joseph’s property stolen by the devil
• Jn 8:31-58 children of the devil and father of lies
• 2Co 11:12-15 Satan masquerades as an angel of light
• Acts 8:30-31, 2Ti 3:15, Philip’s who never had Bible since infancy
• Acts 22:12, Ro 2:13 Devout observers and those who obey the law
• 2Ti 3:8 Jannes and Jambres oppose Moses and the truth
• Ro 1:18 The wicked men who suppress the truth
• Isa 32:1-8 Scoundrels no longer respected
• Ge 9:25, Ex 6:2-4 Noah curses Canaan
• Book of Jude, 2Pe Chpt 2, Titus 1:10-16, Isa 14:1-27, Isa 28:9-29, 1Ti Chpt 4, Col 2:8-23, Jn 8:31-58, Gal 3:16-20, James 2:19, 1:25, 2:12, Gal 5:14, 2Co 3:17, Mt 23

Revelation Timeline references that inspired this song include:
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John and Son of Man Revelation timeline references: Rev 1:4, Rev 1:17, Rev 4:8, Rev 11:17, Rev 17:8, Rev 17:11, Rev 19:10, Rev 22:8-9.

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