[Indominex] Tech Mag 2.0 - Episode 64 - After Hours Special [Ramteam Records]
Genre: Techno, Tribal Techno, Dark Techno
Duration: +/- 111 minutes
Record Date: 16 Maart 2016

Hey there listener. Check out the newest Tech Mag 2.0 !
A lovely mix filled with the best tracks, old and new, with a little back2basic in between :)

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  1. Vinz Exe - Dub City (Original Mix)
  2. Macromism - All Is Nothing (Original Mix)
  3. Loco & Jam - Blurred Motion (Original Mix)
  4. Gene Karz - Acceleration (Original Mix)
  5. P-ben - Hard Drive 01 (Original Mix)
  6. Faithful Monk ft. Indominex - Darkland
  7. 2000 And One - Kawasaki (Original Mix)
  8. Lewis Fautzi - Spectral Lines (Original Mix)
  9. Surveyor Mode - Cdr
  10. Congrat - Ladies Loves Chords (Original Mix)
  11. DJ Ramteam - Tuesday (Indominex Remix)
  12. Ejeca - Prototype (Original Mix)
  13. Indominex - Memories
  14. Indominex - After Hour
  15. STRISC. - Trauma (Original Mix)
  16. DJ Ramteam - Battlefield Part 01
  17. Peter Lavalle, Peter Blue - Time (Oxy Beat Remix)
  18. Yan Cook - Canyon
  19. Frankyeffe - Walking In Rome (Original Mix)

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