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    Terrence J @ Double Check 22 APR 2017

    Terrence J @ Double Check 22 APR 2017 by Terrence Jiang
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Profile description of Terrence Jiang:

An active figure in the Taiwan DJ Circuit, with more then Fifteen years of expenience building his musical ideas.

Terrence J has continued to explore dicerse areas of electronic dance music, from the minimalist sound set to stir the calm rhythm of a dance floor to faster house music creating a more camical atmosphere and feelings for auditory stimulation.

Extreme emotional ups and downs of the bold fluctuations, strengthen and ineraction between dancers, it is Terrence J own distinctive style and sparkling sets!!

    11:00   Fabio Florido - Bouncing Concept
    21:20   Tomy Declerque - Klaxon
    27:40   Rr - Maximaal
    32:00   Ron Costa - Hourncase
    51:00   SUDO - Simplicity
    1:01:20   Cosmic Boys - Xperience
    1:02:20   Cosmic Boys - Xperience - Original Mix
    1:08:40   Moby - Porcelain (Julian Jeweil Remix)
    1:24:20   Yannick Philipp & Vom Feisten - Grand Reel (Original Mix]
    1:33:20   Cold Burn - Goof Balls
    1:39:20   Woo York - Uranium Echoes
    1:48:20   Donato Dozzy, Neel - Circe + S.T.

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