TDZ#177... Dub Kingdom.....

Dub Kingbdom.....with tracks ...

  • 00:00 Duberfly, by Kanka. Rouen, France. [ODG]
  • 04:11 Column Dub (Ben I Sabbah Remix), by Ga-Pi feat Miyalap Soundsystem. Thailand. [SubBass]
  • 07:24 Blow it down, by Roll & Record Ft Art-X. Rennes, France. [ODG]
  • 11:24 Under the Golden Oak, by Psychoz. Germany. [SubBass]
  • 15:39 Constantine, by Ashkabad. Avignon, France. [ODG]
  • 19:46 Ancient Dub (FootPrint System remix), by Anoushka Shankar. Paris, France. [ODG]
  • 25:13 Drop Leaf Dub, by AMJ Meets RSD. Bristol, England. [Dubmatix]
  • 29:49 Dub Kingdom, by Pablo Raster. Italy. [ODG]

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    7:20   Roll and Record - Blow It Down
    20:20   Anoushka Shankar - Ancient Love
    25:20   Andrew Anthony Clarke - Drop Leaf
    30:00   Pablo Raster - Dub Kingdom

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