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Best of 2017 ....with tracks ...

Please Me, by Crush. Graz, Austria. [Wilhelm show me the Major Label]
Desert Island, by Mystic Braves. Los Angeles, USA.
Weak, by Blushing. Austin, Texas. [Bandcamp]
Walnuts, by Gurr. Berlin, Germany.
Ain't Afraid, by Black Fjords. Graz, Austria. [Wilhelm show me the Major Label]
Cowboy Surfer, by The Vivisectors. New York, USA.[FMA]
Broken, by Dokkerman and the Turkeying Fellaz. Budapest, Hungary. [Buda Beats]
In My Arms, by Principe Valiente. Sweden. [AF Music]
Isaac, by Just Friends And Lovers. Graz, Austria. [EurNoVision 2015]
Boogaboo, by Wapisimo. Barcelona, Spain. [Bestiar Netlabel]
Limbo, by Silent Forum. Cardiff, Wales. [Bandcamp]
Alchemy, by We Were Cheerleaders. France. [Jamendo]
Highway 51, by Billy James and His One Man Band. Uruguay. [In Your Eyes]
Westgate, by Amyl and the Sniffers. Melbourne, Australia. [Bandcamp]
No me voy, by Las Trampas de Lily. Buenos Aires, Argentina. [Minima Discos]
Death Made It's Offer, by October Bird of Death. Chicago, USA. [Zap Records]
Salvaje Agosto, by Nosilla Musicales. Mexico. [Nacion Libre]
Outside, by Street Violence. Budapest, Hungary [Buda Beats]
Undangan Party, by Pasukan Penjaga Pohon. Tangerang, Indonesia. [ripstore.asia]
Kalahari, by Penumbra. Palangka Raya, Indonesia. [Rumah Teman Records]
Oceanic Trench, by Plastic Light Factory. Florence, Italy. [Jamendo]
Jump Da Fuck Up , by Rusty Tea Makers.Russia. [Jamendo]
Dream, by Beyond The Borders. Riga, Latvia. [Annoying Beatz Crew]
Loop Brother, by Spiedkiks & Timothy Wisdom. Cologne, Germany. [rec72]
Astro Blaster, by DreamReaper. Phoenix, USA. [Brutal Resonance]
Patriot, by Aaron Dictor. USA. [Brutal Resonance]
Struttin, by Dirtwire. Oakland, USA. [Bandcamp]
Pay Day Poets (Part 1) (PMRCMixx), by Low Down. Maine, USA. [Blocsonic]
G Minor (Nova deViator remix), by BeatMyth. Ljubljana, Slovenia. [Bandcamp]
Life Undone (feat. Jorden Milnes) (Death By Drums Remix), by Loggi. Canada. [Vacant Artists]
Inure Mind, by Deephno. [Mastik]
Narcissist, by UnSuB. UK. [Soundcloud]
Destroyer, by Riot. Lisbon, Portugal. [Skalator Music]
Me Love To Sing (Loggi Remix), by The Hempolics. London, England. [Dubmatix]
Altima, by Concealed Sequence. UK. [Sirona]
Breakcores Not Dead, by Oxygenfad. Canada. [Moron Labs]
Wakannai [I Don't Know], by The Dolomites. USA/Japan. [Story Amp]
Mr.Brown, by Gradu Minimo & Raz Ta Mama. Wroclaw, Poland. [Paproota]
Tribulation, by Chopteeth. Washington DC, USA. [StoryAmp]
No Stress No Fuss, by Kimo Watanabe & Rebel Zion. Salt Lake City, USA. [Bandcamp]
Suede Head, by Red Star Martyrs. Totnes, England. [Dubophonic]
Mongolian Walk, by Massive Dub Corporation. Bourges, France. [ODG]
Suggestive Digestive, by Forest Of Fools. England.
Snorri, by Massimo Ruberti. Livorno, Italy. [No Stress Netlabel]
Holy Ghost, by Rogue Emperor. UK.
When The Sun Goes Down (Instrumental), by The Madpix Project. Munich, Germany. [Jamendo]
All Night Long, by LukHash. Wroclaw, Poland. [Jamendo]
Chrom Dioxid, by Waitapu. Cakovec, Croatia. [Soundcloud]
Quelli di Sempre, by Portobello. Italy. [Diavoletto]
Summer, by Candids. Nantes, Franc.[Jamendo]
Like The Sun, by Explosive Ear Candy. Los Angeles, USA. [Jamendo]
Beranjak, by Alvin Baskoro. Bandung, Indonesia. [Barokah]

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International

    0:00   Crush - Please Me
    2:40   Mystic Braves - Desert Island
    5:40   Blushing - Weak
    10:20   Gurr - Walnuss
    16:20   The Vivisectors - Cowboy Surfer
    20:00   Dokkerman & the Turkeying Fellaz - Broken
    24:40   Principe Valiente - In My Arms
    29:20   Just Friends and Lovers - Isaac
    32:40   Silent Forum - Limbo
    47:40   Amyl and the Sniffers - Westgate
    1:02:40   Pasukan Penjaga Pohon - Undangan Party
    1:09:40   Plastic Light Factory - Oceanic Trench
    1:12:40   Rusty Tea Makers - Jump da Fuck Up
    1:22:40   DreamReaper - Astro Blaster
    1:31:20   Dirtwire - Struttin
    1:34:00   Lowdown - PayDay Poets (Part I)
    1:37:20   BeatMyth - G Minor (feat. N'toko)
    1:41:20   Loggi feat. Jorden Milnes - Life Undone (Death By Drums Remix)
    1:42:00   Loggi - Life Undone - Death By Drums Remix
    1:56:00   Riot - Destroyer
    2:15:40   The Dolomites - Wakannai: I Don't Know
    2:24:00   Chopteeth Afrofunk Big Band - Tribulation
    2:29:40   Kimo Watanabe - No Stress No Fuss
    2:41:00   forest of fools - Suggestive Digestive
    2:59:20   Rogue Emperor - Holy Ghost
    3:03:00   The.madpix.project - When The Sun Goes Down
    3:06:40   LukHash - All Night Long
    3:16:20   Portobello - Quelli di sempre
    3:20:20   Candids - Summer

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