Fools Gold...with tracks by Gradu Minimo, Raz Ta Mama, Passport to Stockholm, Marc Burt, Principe Valiente, Bisou, Bondi Ned Hansel, The Lovetones, Rowan Box, The Blue Stones, Blue Albatross.

  • NFZ, by Gradu Minimo & Raz Ta Mama. Wroclaw, Poland. [Bandcamp]
  • Shine On, by Passport to Stockholm. London, England. [Soundcloud]
  • Poles Apart, by Marc Burt. UK. [Toucan Music]
  • Strangers In The Night, by Principe Valiente. Sweden. [AF Music]
  • Haumea, by Bisou. Montpellier, France. [ODG]
  • F.M.A., by Bondi Ned Hansel. Yogyakarta, Indonaesia. [In My Room]
  • Mantra, by The Lovetones. Sydney/Melbourne, Australia. [pcp#25]
  • Mecha Patrol, by Rowan Box. Ithaca, New York. [MIST]
  • The Drop, by The Blue Stones. Windsor, Ontario. [Bandcamp]
  • Sol IndiGes, by Blue Albatross. Yogyakarta, Indonaesia. [In My Room]

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    7:00   Passport to Stockholm - Shine On
    15:00   Principe Valiente - Strangers in the Night
    30:40   The Lovetones - Mantra
    39:20   Freddy Rodriguez - Nombre No Hay

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