What is a "personality test"?

Personality tests (or to give it its more scientific name, personality quizzes) are a series of questions that identify behaviorally, thinking, and motivational preferences related to personality.

What is personality?

Personality is a collection of characteristics that a person possesses. These influence his way of thinking, his motivations, and his behaviors. This does not mean that a person cannot act in another way, but the personality represents natural preferences in these areas.

Where does our personality come from?

It is generally accepted that our personality is defined in part by our genes and the environment we operate in (family, interactions, experiences, etc.).

What is the connection between personality and work?

Research demonstrates the importance of consistency between an individual's personality and the environment in which they work: An environment that encourages and reinforces behaviors drawn from the individual's preferred style will have several consequences: the person will be more satisfied and fulfilled in her work, more efficient and she will waste less energy and personal resources by forcing herself to act against her preferences. On the other hand, a lack of consistency can lead to stress, discontent, performance slips, burnout, and even professional failure.

How can knowing your personality help?

Personality Testing, Knowledge of personality, and associated preferences enables us to make conscious and informed decisions about our career and the work environment. We can, therefore, choose a job that suits us. Once in office, knowing our personality allows us to exploit the strengths, avoid the traps associated with it, and achieve and flourish through his work.

Does my personality limit me?

Having individual styles of preferences does not prevent us from acting otherwise. We have all, at one time or another, been made to do things that are not like us or which do not correspond to our preferred way of acting. This is part of human adaptability. However, this adaptability has its limits. This can have a detrimental impact on us if we act against our preferences too often, for long periods, or under stress. Therefore, it is not surprising that, in a natural way, in times of stress, we tend to fall back on our styles of thinking, motivation, and behavior, preferably our personality.

Is the personality frozen, or can it change?

Personality is relatively stable and does not change drastically with age because it is, in part, defined by our genes. However, our character is not entirely fixed; even if it does not change, it can evolve. Since some of it is influenced by the environment and experiences, our experience can impact the evolution of our personality. The personality model on which maReussite.com has been developed is precisely based on the principle that we can evolve. The reports created following the personality assessment contain tips for enforcing preferences while encouraging the development process.

How to choose a "personality test"?

There are many "personality tests" available on the internet. It is not always easy to navigate between serious tools based on a scientific approach and those that are "entertainment" without any real solid foundation.

Some tips to make your choice:

• A test that has been validated by independent professionals (occupational psychologists, etc.).
• A test that at least gives you a snapshot of your personality profile so that you can check its quality and relevance yourself before you make the purchase.
• A test endorsed by "serious" partners. Often you are referred to a trial at another site. The better the site is in terms of reputation and content; the more likely the test will be.
• A test that has proven itself. Do professionals use the test? How many people took the test? This kind of information can give you another indication of the quality of the test.

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