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You need to know that DJing isn't really about celebrity, or money, or getting laid, it's about music. Music is what motivates the finest DJs: they love it, they live for it. Take away the stardom, the fat paychecks, the pretty girls, the cute boys, and sure, plenty of DJs would have a speedy career change. But the very best of them would still be there, playing as often as they could, just for the love of it, just for the music, just for the sheer orgasm of seeing people go nuts to a record they 've discovered.


  1. St.Germain - Ponts des Arts
  2. Gorge - Bambossa
  3. Gorge - Nyota
  4. Gorge - Supique
  5. Jimpster - Dangly Panther (Audiomontage Remix)
  6. Milton Jackson - The Rythm Track (Original Mix)
  7. Matthias Mayer - Tout va Bien (Liebe Detail)
  8. Lukas Greenberg - The Flash
  9. Alvaro Hylander - At Night (Original Mix)
  10. Office Gossip - Formant (Original Mix)
  11. Matt Masters - Deep Or What (Milton Jackson Remix)
  12. The Timewriter - Vintage Circuits (Vital Version)
  13. Milton Jackson & Sei A - Jinzou (Scope Str8up Remix)
  14. Octav Paul - City Lights
  15. Stimming & Einmusik - Madleine
  16. Tony Lionni - Protection
  17. Jimpster - Dangly Panterh (Audiomontage Remix)
    0:00   DJ Lee - On Tonight
    13:20   Dinka - Road To Perdition
    15:20   Darko - Planet Red (Original Mix)
    39:40   Lukas Greenberg - The Flash
    45:40   Various Artists - At Night
    1:14:40   Sei A - Jinzou

    Podcast, Deep house, progressive, house, urban, underground house
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • Release Date: 2010-10-03
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