We celebrate a little anniversary: 25 parts of this series! And we have invited a special guest for this episode: the amazin' aehm kicks heavy bass tunes by Chrizpy Chriz, Erstav, Jawns, Nitepunk, SUAHN, Deadcrow, Vulgatron/Code: Pandorum, Nephrollian, Monxx/Automhate, Aweminus, Akeos, Subtronics, Sullivan King, Hekler, Chibs, HØST, Leotrix, Bushbaby/SaidWho, Cam Lasky and Burial.

Featured labels in this cast: Vale, Muti Music, Never Say Die Records, Phuture Collective, NSD: Black Label, Electric Hawk Records, Cyclops Recordings, Subsidia, Bassrush Records, Disciple Round Table, Southpoint, KWAIOTO Records and Hyperdub.

Support the artists and big up to all listeners the last years!

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    Chrizpy Chriz - Scattered [Vale]
    Erstav - Tonight [Muti Music]
    Jawns - Catalyst [JAWNS]
    Nitepunk - Absolute Zero [Never Say Die Records]
    SUAHN - Amazing!
    Deadcrow - TUMS [Phuture Collective]
    Vulgatron/Code: Pandorum - The Executioner [Never Say Die Records]
    Nephrollian - Hellshok
    Monxx/Automhate - ID (HOL! Remix) [MONXX]
    Aweminus - UGHH [NSD: Black Label]
    Deadcrow - Predator [Electric Hawk Records]
    Akeos - Starbow Break [NSD: Black Label]
    Subtronics - Tractor Beam [Cyclops Recordings]
    Sullivan King - War [Subsidia]
    Hekler - Juggernaut [Bassrush Records]
    Chibs - Knock Knock [Disciple Round Table]
    HØST - Stuck In The Moment
    Leotrix - wish4finite [NSD: Black Label]
    Bushbaby/SaidWho - Plaistow (Daseplate Remix) [Southpoint]
    Cam Lasky - Tokyo Hyaku Synchronicity [KWAIOTO Records]
    Burial - UK [Hyperdub]
    Burial - Untitled [Hyperdub]

    Dubstep, Bass
    • Type: Podcast
    • Release Date: 03/22/2021 11:00
    • Halle (Saale), Germany
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