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    Nativity - DMNGRL Mix 11.15.17 by Nativity
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Whatever you're feeling and whatever it is you're going through there's a song that fits perfectly just for you. And if you haven't found it then go create it. - Noel Belen | I've been gravitating to a handful of songs recently and they've been stuck on the infinite repeat. Being a being that's ruled by emotions it's only a matter of time until the inner world seeps out onto the surface. I've always found solace in music and in songs especially. I'm not one w/ an ease of expression in person and there are a lot of times when the only way to explain anything is with a song that's playing in my head. It's like people who think in colors or shapes, but for me it's always been songs. So the only way to get this out of my system was to create a new mix. I treated this like my old skool cassette mixes. Track after track of feelings, thoughts, and pure emotion. First two songs by @cole_forever & @cameeohh set the intentions or main point of views to start the journey/communication w/. From there it's mainly the dude's expressions w/ some of the female's concerns. Yeah you've probably guessed I'm the dude lol. I wonder if people still make mix tapes to give to people 🤔Would it be considered outdated & antiquated like writing a letter and mailing it. Ah, my mind wanders. Even though I created this to get some things off my mind and off my chest this mix will really help provide the ideal soundtrack to your personal teenage love drama romcom coming of age saga. I don't remember the last time I was driven this mad where the only way to come back to center with perspective was to create a DJ mix. Suppose at the core I'm still that kid w/ a boombox recording tracks off the radio and reformatting them for my situations and expressions. Hope this helps you as much as it's helped me. And hope it finds its way to the ears and hearts that need to receive the message(s). Big 🙏🏼 to @visualthought for the 📸. And much ❤️& 🙏🏼 to my sistahs for perspective & compassion.

Eddie Cole - Wassup
Cameo Adele - Open Up
Kehlani - Honey
Nao - DYWM
Nonchalant Savant - Quotables 8.10
D'Angelo - Really Love
PJ Morton - How Deep Is Your Love
Prince - Kiss
Whitney Houston - How Will I Know
Anderson .Paak - Luh You
Jeremih - I Think Of You
Drake - Take Care
Kanye West - Slow Jamz
6LACK & Jhene Aiko - First Fuck
LL Cool J - Doin it
H.E.R. - Lights On
Silk - Freak Me
Syd - Body
Keith Sweat - Nobody
FKA Twigs - Papi Pacify
The Weeknd - Wicked Games
Outkast - Where Are My Panties?

    0:00   Eddie Cole - Wassup
    8:40   Kehlani - Honey
    12:00   NAO - DYWM
    19:20   D'Angelo and The Vanguard - Really Love
    25:00   Mayer Hawthorne - Cosmic Love
    28:00   PJ MORTON - How Deep Is Your Love
    31:00   Prince & The Revolution - Kiss
    35:00   Whitney Houston - how will i know
    39:20   Anderson Paak - Luh You
    42:40   Jeremih - I Think of You
    46:20   Drake - Take Care
    51:20   Twista feat. Kayne West & Jamie Foxx - Slow Jamz (Feat. Kanye West & Jamie Foxx) (Edited Album Version)
    56:20   6LACK - First Fuck
    59:40   LL Cool J - Doin' It
    1:04:40   H.E.R. - Lights On
    1:08:20   Silk - Freak Me
    1:12:40   Syd - Body
    1:17:00   Keith Sweat - Nobody (feat. Athena Cage)
    1:21:20   FKA twigs - Papi Pacify
    1:26:00   The Weeknd - Wicked Games
    1:31:20   OutKast - Where Are My Panties

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