Back in January, Peloton Musique released the original Col Du Tourmalet EP, a five-track sonic interpretation of scaling the Pyrenees Mountains during the Tour De France bicycle race. Peloton’s chosen five excellent remixers to add some lube to the originals’ chains.

Berlin-based ex-Seattleite Jeff Samuel punches up the rhythm for Nora Posch’s “The Distance Mountain” and oxygenates the bass line for increased dance-floor endurance.

Seattle minimal-techno phenom Big Phone weaves in disorienting, warped samples and stutter-steps the rhythm to Ghola Sound’s cheeky and whip-cracking Teutonic techno gem “Statue Of The Giant.”

The furiously pumping and austere techno of Shane Silkey’s “EPO” (EPO is a kind of red-blood-cell booster taken by unscrupulous cyclists) gets run through a grimmer—yet somehow funkier—filter by Cyanwave, hinting at the dark nature of cheating through science.

Jerry Abstract throws an oblongly funky wrench into the spokes of Centrikal’s ominously bruising, cruising techno banger “Breakaway,” making it the EP’s strangest, most harrowing track. It sounds like (Richard) Devine intervention.

Naturebot drapes a mesh singlet over the brutal, humid electro of Phaedrus’ “Sonic Charge” and kicks up the tempo to a breezy and quirky chug while throwing in a helmet-spinning array of surprises. His “Planted in Naturebot’s Gravel Vortex” revamp is an ideally winsome way for the EP to cross the finish line.

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