Profile description of Peloton Musique:

Definition: pel·o·ton:
ˌpe-lə-ˈtän, ˈpe-lə-ˌtän

The peloton (from French, literally meaning little ball or platoon. Most used to describe the large main group of riders in a road bicycle race, such as the Tour De France.

Riders in a group save energy by riding close (drafting or slipstreaming) near(particularly behind) other riders. The peloton is not unlike the Northwest’s techno scene, which is now a recognized global force, with events such as the Decibel Festival importing top talent to the region, while Seattle, Portland and Vancouver return the favor by exporting planeloads of renowned and emerging producers among the various collectives.

Driven by a shared purpose and a sense of community, the scene has thrived in recent years, becoming both a wellspring for new talent and a must-play date for any touring artist.

Founded in this fertile environment, Peloton Musique aims to hold “techno” to its word – that it should be less of a “genre” than a new philosophy of music and sound, and a new way of thinking about their role in our lives.

“We want to create music for environments, for a specific time and place, as sonic theatre,” says Schoppert. “At the same time, community is one of our guiding principles – we want to be more than the s um of our parts supporting each other in the slipstream.”

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