This week on Techno Is Our Religion we bring you an exclusive mix from Toxic D.N.A // Dani Kaiblinger. Another mind melter for you all to enjoy.

Toxic D.N.A is a female producer and DJ from Austria. Born near Lake Constance on 30th June 1980. She lives in Vienna, Austria.

Her musician way begans when she was 6 years old. She started to learn how to play the flute. After the basics she went to a school of music. She learned the skills of following instruments: Clarinet, Saxophon, Guitar and Piano. She was member of an orchestra and played in a Jazz Band.

Meanwhile she started to produce the music she touched the most. Since 1993 she is listening to Techno. For her music production she works with Ableton 9 and Fruity Loops 20.
She signed her first release EP titled "Visions" on Techno Addicts Records, 15/10/18.

Releases and Upcoming Releases on Alienator Records Japan, Schallinterferenz Records Berlin, Red Channel Records, Hardwandler Records, Sinope Recordings, Techno Vinyls Germany, Dirty Fox, Pure Dope Digital, Phased Mind, Discokat Records, JumaRec Group, Alienator Records Japan, Dead Groovy Music, Geometrik, 13 Schallplatten, ...

Since August 2019 she is managing as A & R together with Ayako Mori PTR- Physical Techno Recordings.

She is Resident DJane in a monthly podcast for Techno Connection UK Underground fm and played many other Podcasts, mostly on FNoob Radio. In her mixings she makes a symbiosis between the music of the 90s and current beats.

Her top priority is to transfer good feelings and make people smiling.

"Techno is Understanding".

"Everyone of us had this moment where this Understanding happened".

    • 136 bpm
    • Key: Bm
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