LND Music Factory Presents Way Back When... In '67 by Doctor Soul EP1320kbit/s

    LND Music Factory Presents Way Back When... In '67 by Doctor Soul EP1 by LATENIGHT DREAM FACTORY
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Hi Music lovers,

“Way Back When… In 67” is taken from the famous Donald Fagen lyrics in Hey Nineteen, and it’s a quote that I have utilized for 5 years now, as one of my Re – Therapy works was indeed named after it…
So, I would like to propose you a brand-new DJ set in a monthly collection basis, that would reflect the evolution of this great Yacht Disco/Soul music genre.
During this Rendez – Vous, I will offer a fresh and futuristic look at Nu-WestCoast, Jazz-Funk-Soul, and Midnight Disco, sometimes blended with some feel-good 80’s & 90’s R&B, and all carefully mixed and beatmatched with exclusive tracks.
As many of you already know my sound quality standard, the same HD level as in my previous sets for your ears and feet will be also find here.
Last but not least : it’s for you, folks, that I’m doing this, it’s for your only leisure and relaxing time… That’s not for me, because honestly speaking I had enough sweat and blood in doing this kind of exercise for the last 30+ years of deejaying.
As an artist/producer, I would be nothing without you. So, I’m happy to offer you this selection carefully beatmatched in HD to thank you for your support, and please I do hope you’ll have a great uplifting time while listening, and if that could inspire your life, then I would feel blessed !
Thanks and have fun !

Track list :
01/ Alphonse Mouzon “Do I Have To”
02/ MoKenStef “Baby Come Close” (Arkiv remix)
03/ Barbara Lynn “You Make Me So Hot” (Alex Di Cio rework)
04/ Dianne Reeves “Sky Islands” (Islands In The Sky rework)
05/ Fuminori Kagajo “Game Of You” feat. Nicole Mitchell
06/ Joakim Karud “Fusion”
07/ Yuksek “Do Beijo” feat. Processman & Henriq Ch
08/ Adesha “Satisfied With My Love”
09/ Bill Withers “Who Is He And What Is He To You” (Frank Virgilio My Enemy remix)
10/ Greg Wilson “Summer Came My Way” feat. The Reynolds (Luxxury mix)
11/ Flamingosis & The Count “Future Love”
12/ Diana Brown “Love In Return” (Merv Happy Guitar mix)
13/ Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis “You’re Gonna Get Next To Me” (Keep On Doing Chuggin Edits)
14/ Luke Million “Arnold” feat Arnold Schwazenegger
15/ Maya Kiltron “The Middle” (Diamond Ortiz remix)
16/ Eagles “Life In The Fast Line” (remix on the fly)
17/ Bobby Caldwell “Sunny Hills” (remix on the fly)
18/ Poolside “Getting There From Here” feat. Turbotito & Todd Edwards (Miami Horror & Lazywax remix)
19/ Adesha “The Secret” (The Sleepers Recordz)
20/ Robert Ouimet “Good Time Crescendo”
21/ Jean Carn “My Love Don’ t Come Easy” (V’s Not Tonight edit)
22/ Nelson Leroy “Sensual Brazil”
23/ Peter Allen “Not The Boy Next Door” (remix on the fly)
24/ Steely Dan “Glamour Profession” (remix on the fly)
25/ The Emotions “My Baby Dance” (Non LP B-Side only) Tribute to Miss Pamela Hutchison


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Translate this for me please

    0:30   Alphonse Mouzon - Do I Have To
    13:30   Fuminori Kagajo - Game of You
    17:00   Joakim Karud - Fusion
    20:00   Yuksek - Do Beijo (feat. Processman & Henriq Ch)
    23:00   Adesha - Satisfied With My Love?
    26:30   Frank Virgilio - My Enemy
    30:00   Greg Wilson - Summer Came My Way (Luxxury Club Mix)
    31:00   Greg Wilson - Summer Came My Way (Luxxury Radio Mix) [feat. The Reynolds]
    36:00   Diana Brown - Love in Return
    39:30   Chuggin Edits - Keep on Doing Wot Ur Doin
    45:00   Luke Million - Arnold
    49:00   Maya Killtron - The Middle (Diamond Ortiz Remix)
    54:00   Bobby Caldwell - Sunny Hills
    58:00   Poolside, Todd Edwards and Turbotito - Getting There From Here (with Todd Edwards) (Miami Horror & Lazywax Remix)
    1:01:00   Adesha - The Secret
    1:03:30   Robert Ouimet - Good Time Crescendo (Original Mix)
    1:15:30   Nelson Leeroy - Sensual Brazil
    1:19:30   Peter Allen - Not the Boy Next Door
    1:24:00   Steely Dan - Glamour Profession
    1:33:00   The Emotions - My Baby Dance

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